Heads up tourney PokerStars Style

How about having a MTT tour like they do on TV with all heads up tables. now i know with alot of ppl that would be a lil crazy but what u could do is put a player limit on it or something. i know there sitngos heads up but no MTT. it would be something new but would bring a real pro-style feel to the site. i know alot of ppl want something new and this would be same game but a different feel. the pros do it why shouldnt we?

may work, like the idea, but not my coffee.

may one time every month or something.

With a limit of 10 (or more) players the tour start with 5 (or more) tables. Only problem is the MTT starts at a certain time. With 2 players in it is no fun.

If there are more players who like to play heads-up in Multi Tournament we can try it out.

We pick a day and time and try it out. Just vote for it.

I think can set up minimum player number (10) and seats/room (2) easy :slight_smile: the problem may the uneven number of player, like 11 or 13. thets could make bug.

order of registration should come into effect then. Odd man out

You can play it as Sit & Go multi table also.

yeah but it would be cool to get tourny points for it. but u could make it a sitngo for a trial run

i think it would be beneficial for heads up players if there are multitable heads up tournaments where for example 64 players battle till there’s only 1 and the top 8 could cash.

Do you mean heads-up MTTs with synchronized rounds?

yes. once you beat your opponent you would wait till the next round when its cut to 32 and so on. I think it would be beneficial to head up players because it would offer a wider range of possibilities to test there skill.

Sounds like fun. Thanks for the suggestion. As always interested to hear other player’s feedback.

much apreciated:)

how about a heads up tournament

I think heads-up MTTs would be a lot of fun. Requires a bit of development work, but hopefully nothing too crazy. It’s been on the to-do list for a while now, so will see about moving it up the list of priorities. Thanks for the suggestion dwdawg :smiley:

A alternative to think about would be to create a tournament bracket and tell the entrants they must complete their round by a certain time frame. Then the new round starts and again they must complete their round by a certain time frame. Then repeat until there are 2 people left. So essentially the tournament would last about 2 weeks or a month. If you have a lot of players in it, a heads up tournament would take a really long time. This would also start more communication between players. At some point they would have to message each other about when to play and this could start people talking to other players they would not normally talk to. Hell they might even find that they like that person. Another benefit would be that it does not bog down a lot of tables at one time. Since players would usually play at different times there would be no bog time. You could create the bracket on a community form where player will no doubt talk about their games. I know this would take some work but I think it would be beneficial to the website and the players if you could manage it.

Why not set it up like a multi table SnG tourney(but not an SnG promotion point runner)? Then when ever the target number of players is hit - tourney starts.
Month end championship bracket tourney - based on month long points? Maybe 2k or 5k buy-in level (upper low stakes)?