Start Of Turn

A tone signaling the start of your turn would be most helpful. The tone signaling you are about out of time to act does not leave enough time to react to it. I have missed out on lots of hands because I did not know it was my turn until it was to late. I have noticed there is a tone at the start of your turn sometimes if you are in a different window. If that tone played all the time no matter which window was active at the time, that would be really helpful.

Other than that, I like your site so far :slight_smile:

Hi ALASKAN99752, 

Thanks for the great feedback. We’ve heard from some other players that they would also like more noticeable notifications at the table, so I’ll be sure to add your comments to the ticket we’re tracking for this. It sounds like it should be an easy improvement to make, so hopefully we can squeeze it into the upcoming roadmap and make a few people happy. :slight_smile:


Agreed. A tone at close to when your time is running out is not helpful. Tone as soon as its your turn to play would be better.