Open the table with a sound

I was the first person to get on a table so I had to wait for other players before the table could open. Well, in the meantime I went to checking my email. I realized some time had past so I went back to check and guess what. I had been timed out.
It would be nice to do what many of the other site do and than is to open the table with a sound so if the player who is waiting for the table to fill is doing something else they will know.
Also, many other sites will open the table on top, so you will never miss your game.Thanks


Yesss, opening the table on top with a sound and maybe highlighting it or something once our timer starts running would be amazing!

I went to see a replay of the previous hand, and could not find my way back to the table. If the table always stayed open on the same page and the replay opened on another page that would help. Or as you said, while I looking at other table to play on, what happens is the first table I signed up on starts playing and I have no idea. No notices or anything. That table should pop up over everything else.