Stand and leave

I don’t know why people can’t stand and leave after they lose It just makes it harder for someone to play. I see NOW the add chips covers up the stand option might be confusing.

Hi @dpo45 , are you referring to ring games? if so you can stand and leave at anytime.

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I wish that option was available on all MTT Freerolls as well. Occasionally I find, I cant finish the tourney and would rather leave, forfeit chip’s than sit there like a bump on a log lol

I can understand the frustration. When I am in a ring game and the person sits out and is leaving because they lost all their chips, instead of exiting right away, they just sit there and runs the time out until they automatically are taken off. If someone is going to leave, then they should just leave quickly so that someone else can play, especially if there are several people waiting to get on the table.


Agree, @Pilot704 , in ring games after loosing all, player should have max 3 hands to rebuy or get booted. If they had to leave for something, they can get back in if seat available.


@dpo45 I believe, I misunderstood your post, thinking you couldn’t leave the game because of the add chips frame. Thanks for your question and I can see several ways to resolve the issue, we could request.