Coming to the table

I’m posting here hoping others feel the same as I do.When playing in tournys there are always players that sit out until the last second before getting booted,which is 3 levels of play. I think this is way to too long a time to give them,i think it is a pain in the butt to be sitting at a table and be the only active player there. Oh I know people will say just take their chips but i’m there to play against other players not ghosts. One level and you don’t showup …give em the boot!

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I would refer you to the new poker room updates for 2019, where it states that players who are no shows will now be eliminated at level 2 instead of level 3.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Grapevine and a big THANK YOU to Replay

Now if they would do the same for the freerolls lol