Stake Level

What is that exactly? Why does it always seem to go opposite rank. hi rank=low stakes & low rank=hi stakes? And why am I a medium? Am I just right? lol!
And are the planets aligned this evening to screw me every time I call??? lol! Jeez, seems like every decent hand I get some bingo player hoses me, or I get rivered! Why does it seem to bombard me all in one night? Should I change strategy? Yeah, maybe go all-in preflop with 2d9s, yeah thats the ticket! lol! Ahhhh!

If you were the Number 1 player, you would have the most chips (many billions) of anyone registered here. With a rank of about 1,400,000, you’d be one of the lowest ranked. The “stake level” is pretty much obsolete these days (likely due to inflation), but used to indicate what group of stakes a player would be comfortable playing at based on their bankroll. It bears no relationship to what stakes those players actually play at; a lot of “high stakes” players regularly play in the 1-2 and 2-4 games, and a lot of “low” or “medium stakes” players play at the more serious buy-in levels. It’s a useful guide for players trying to manage their bankrolls–and still is–but, many ignore the basics of bankroll management.