Suited low cards a bingo call?

So, the betting is at 600 chips, I have 2400 chips in my stack. In hand I have 7d and 4d. The flop shows 10d, Ks and Ad. A good player who is leading with a stack of 34k+ chips bets 1200 chips. I go all in and win with a flush. The good player accuses me of playing bingo and a sideline twit who wasn’t even in play starts making personal insults. Insults aside, what would the more experienced players have bid?

Gimmee the name Don and I’ll have fun with this player whom yells bingo lol … your play is your play period … who knows u could have been bluffin … that is your play … Bingo in poker a “bomb” pot where all players limp and pray for the best … Poker is a simple game that has complicated stratergies … but it comes down to this … Every Hand Every Player can either Call Raise or Fold … Take Care cu round


after the flop, thats not even bingo … ( even tho bingo doesnt exsist )
Sounds like the bigstack attacked a small stack and
got caught with thier hand in the cookie jar…

If the stack wanted you out, he should’ve raised you all in , hoping you
would just fold any draws/weak hands. Since he only minraised, sounds
like he was trying to get value. Ya get what you pay for… Even if you call’d
if he forced you all in, you had a legitimate draw… Plus only betting you
in for 1/2 your stack makes you pot committed and you won’t usually fold
with ANY reasonable equity in the hand.

its a 50/50 if I play the hand, if I do … I reraise the 1200 to all in my stack.


I mean, there’s far worse hands to get your stack in the middle than 74s…

But yeah, Sarah’s right, it sounds like the big stack was going for the tournament KO and got caught. In your situation, I’d probably just jam it pre-flop, though. If he turns over KQ of diamonds and you lose, oh well. It’s just a game for fake pixelated currency; people need to lighten up.

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Pixelated currency…brilliant and thanks for the response

Thanks Sarah. I have seen you play low and go all in in different scenarios. I tend to play conservative unless my stack is low and I have no choice as in this scenario.

Thanks Goatsoup… See you at the tables.

Well Don,
Sounded like the blinds were close to that 600, but you didnt say.
I only look’d at from the flop comes out and …

It does depend on the nuance of the table sure, but I still think
that you either shove the 2400 right there and then, or you fold.
a 34k stack shouldnt just fold there to your basically min reraise
to 2400… and just calling 1200 means prolly he bets out on the
turn, forcing you as you’re still pot committed…
Thats why you strike 1st , if you’re gonna, or let the hand go.
If I’m playing for the bubble… then I need alot more info to
make the correct decision.