New Players- I Have A Question

If you’ve just started playing here within the last 30 days here’s the question:
Do you know what the term “quartered” means? I don’t mean go look it up, and then post it here…well, I do mean go look it up, because you should understand it, but I’m wondering how many new players that are listening actually know what that term means?

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Thanks for posting the question.

I would maybe have explained the term instead just as an info for new players, Quartered only applies to Omaha HI/LO games and is applied when hands tie for a split pot.

For instance: when BOTH HIGH hands have tied and BOTH LOW hands have also tied the pot will be split four ways, quarter to each of the low hand winners and a quarter to each of the high hand winners which obviously is the fair way to pay out.


My question… does any one else think these flops are anything like real life poker games? The odds of 4oak, fh and str8s are way out of the norm here. I play locally frequently and have never seen such bs flops like these with such consistency. I’ll keep playing til the free chips run out just for the laughs and amazment…opps amusement

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Keep in mind in a live game you’ll see between 20 and 40 hands per hour. On line more like double that or perhaps a bit more. It’s like compressed time. so compressed results. Play long enough and you’ll see nearly everything. Maybe even more than once. Good luck.

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You might want to check this out.

In another thread, one of our users shared the statistics he collected related to flop frequencies and how often pocket pairs make a set. It turned out to be fairly in line with expectation after over 1000 trials.

What have you seen that leads you to believe that quads, full houses, and straights happen more frequently than they should? Can you share your data, as “Dr Sun” has?

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