Stake games and time limets

Why do you allow High Stake players to play in the Low Stake ring game and tourments? I can see allowing them to drop down one level but not two. Also I beleive that the games should have shorter time limits to make your bet both in ring games and tourments.

Right now it’s more a question of liquidity, we have almost 2000 players on the site daily but there aren’t always a lot of options for tables running in the high, medium stakes… so I think it’s only fair to let those players play on the lower stake tables. We also plan to do away with the different stake lobbies and have a single lobby which again will help to make it simpler to view all available tables.

As for the times, we have the turbo/high-speed tables that have a shorter time allowed for taking an action. Some people prefer a slower game and others a faster, hence why we offer two types of table. I saw that stars recently changed the way they do their time limits so that they just have one system for all tables, but it changes depending on what round of betting it is, I quite like that idea too.