Chip limits

Low and Medium stake tables are way to often missused by high ranked players with huge chipaccounts. Low stack players are in that case disadvantaged. In my opninion low stake tables playing with max 500K account. Medium stake tables with a max 2M account. This will give starters and low account players the chance to play their game and not being afraid or impressed because of the enormous reserves of high ranked players who doesn’t care loosing a couple of 10 K’s. K’s with wich the starter or low account players can climb the ladder


I see your frustration, but lots of ring game players meet at the same lower stake tables to meet there friends and have a chat.
However, I remember though, when I played on full tilt years ago and only on low stakes, that people with vast bank rolls would come and torment us, usually when drunk going by the chat. It used to annoy me no end.



That’s what freerolls are for , to build your bank and climb the ladder at no cost to you. Or you can buy chips with the many chip sales and support Replay Poker. You’re 1 1/2 years here and very few chips. Bankroll management is key. You should know this from other site.


Used to feel that way but now enjoy getting chips from them
and gives low stake players some confidence that they can indeed win hands against most players.

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Thanks for your comment. My highest account was 6,1M here but limping players with chipaccounts over 600M took it. So starting all over and playing the worse game just calling till the end with even Royal Flush on flop for instance. Just to take some more FREE chips

But what are doing players with an over 600M account @ a 200/400 table if they don’t chat @ all and even don’t reply on ur own chat ?

thanks for your comment. I will take that in mind :smile:

I play low stakes SNGs 7 card hi lo with @mrzick all the time and he beats me sometimes . It’s the fun of it all. On any given day you win, you lose so it doesn’t matter how many chips you have and I have over a billion. When it’s your time to win, you win and vice versa. That’s Poker for ya.

Get what ur saying but maybe other limits in the Low stake ring other then rank/bank size like, On a 400 buy in table the max your stack can get is? say 1200 any over goes to your bank so you don’t have overwhelmed new players coming in against a 15k stack in a 2 /4 game plus the new players who have a great night build their bank account while still being the chip leader (or one of) Besides MOST who are decently ranked are there just to relax maybe chat but not for chips :innocent: yet can and will help to improve a new players game by calling their bluffs and bottom pair bets :rofl:

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Exactly! A relaxing few games with friends. Yup that’s it :joy:


I have millions of chips and like playing 1-2 sometimes as the MOST chips you can start with is only 400 and no stress after bigger games and can NOT use my other chips so it is fair as i see it.

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Also, we can chat more n does not worry about messing up and losing a big amount and we all have fun:) and lesser players i think learn from playing with better players as this morning i was helping a guy on his first day (only 23) and in 1 hour he improved a lot.

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Thanks for your contribution and I know not all high chip account players are the same. But it is annoying if players with over 500M account checking winning hands to get some more free chips. Let me tell u a recent hand @ some random Medium stake table. I was @ D seat my hand AA and I raised with 50K 3 players calling. Flop: 6 6 J check-check bet 50K(me) Turn: 8 check- check bet 50K. River: A check-check - allin 1 player fold 1 player called. showdown
me FH other quad 6. Then you are not there to chat but only for ripping other players

That my friend was the world wide : “Curse of Bullets” :roll_eyes:


I agree with River Runner, i cannot count the times i lost with pocket AA but it happens a lot 2 us all and that is poker. Also, i really do not think a player with 500M chips wants to rip off a few chips from anyone lmao.

AWWW, i think he out played you and your mad, i would probably have checked 2 and let u bet for me like he did:).

And that is what I am calling childsplay. It is not a strategy it is a way to ruin the fun for others. Or what if all tableseaters are playing the same way. Wow that will be fun

It is called a bad beat and at re-play it happens often, do not be mad at a player for playing his cards GREAT.:).

In real moneygames the least you will get is a bullet in your knee :smiley:

When I joined replay, I wanted to learn the game, different strategy’s to progress my chip account. I am proud to have enjoyed the games & fellowship with some of the best folks and some of the high ranked players in my low stakes tourney’s. I learned from them so much on how to meet my goals. I consider them as mentors and I look forward to playing the games with everyone, including as mentioned, low ranked players to do the same.
No matter the rank, we all learn from each other

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