Skpye call

Would love to connect over skype with fellow poker players. Feel free to add me and send me a friend request in the game.

philippos.gavroglou is the skype name

Or perhaps Zoom also

whats your zoom username?

I use Integrated video conferencing systems and it’s password protected. The zoom reference was meant as an alternative to Skype for you.

I don’t recommend IVCS as it’s very expensive to those that don’t need it unless your using it for teleconference for international businesses.

Discord is also an option, can do everything on there that you can on Skype but it’s a lot smoother and runs much better.

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Group video chat is also available on Android and Apple Smartphones.

Discord is great, and has a lot of other features as well. I’ve wondered whether players would be interested in Replay having a presence there. I see some pros and cons, but ultimately didn’t think it would really line up with our current demographic. Any interest in this?


Good call, I think in terms of support and real-time updates on maintenance, or on-going issues, player support, it can work great. I’m personally not a fan of massive servers, I prefer small community type ones, but I wouldn’t be against joining, would be nice to be able to organise tournaments between a few players on there, so that a few of us can fill up a random table.

So the interest is chatting on a platform that has video so everyone could see each other besides keeping the chat feature on Replay tables?

Is there a huge demand for that ?

the interest is speaking to each other rather than typing. Personally I dont mind not seeing the other players, and yes, ideally it would be great if replay can create a voice call feature for each table

So how would that chat be moderated if there was a problem and it wasn’t in text to verify the conversation?

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no need to moderate a voice call

I don’t see it as a priority but If that’s what makes players happy instead of a stable site with good graphics then I hope you can put it all together.

Best of luck

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They hang up or maybe grow up ??? :slight_smile:

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At least participation would be optional. I wouldn’t want my concentration compromised by seeing someone’s sandwich falling out of their mouth while playing :joy: