Speak English?

I’ve noticed players who speak a common language other than English messaging each other during an active hand. I assume it’s innocent chatter or greetings. But may be not. Its just not fair for the other players who can read but not understand what is being said. What do you all think and what can be done to avoid the appearance of collusion.

You could put some messages in google translator to see if theyre cheating, but i think making english only language would be quite harsh considering that big part of players are from belgium and netherlands.

Separi is right, you can check it yourself, unfortunatelly some language is difficult .

If any doubt send the hand number to mods, some of them not native English, may understand better then google. Also, they can monitor the players, see the collusion patterns. This may take time, they have to be 100% sure is collusion before act.

Please send hand number to them and they look in to. Collusion we take seriously, regardless is playchips. Cheaters risk all they chips, ban, even loss of the account on the site.(mute if chat collusion)

Honestly, Its a rare case they speak about hands and stuff on chatbox, Its pointless in reality…

If you still have doubt, just open new room with other players.

I would not worry too much.

Have a nice play

Hi Atotsky,

I agree with Marcipan and Separi. Replay Poker is a social gaming and community site as much as it is a poker site. We can’t forbid a language as it would go against the site main purpose.

If you have any doubts on some players behaviour at the table, please do not hesitate to send the hand #ID and the table name explaining what is the issue to support@replaypoker.com.

Good Luck at the tables, Shake

When that happens in a game I’m playing, I tell them I know they are talking bad about me. They reply in English “That I’m not interesting enough to talk about”. Now I need therapy. It’s probably best you just let it go and breath.