Sit outs

LOL you did! Too late now. What’s done is done :joy:

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I am sure I remember another discussion on this topic from last year. The gist of that thread was the unfairness of the 50% rule and asking for its removal. If you read further back through the forum there are threads asking for the rule to be implemented. It has always been a contentious issue so I consulted with Master Oogway in the spirit realm for his opinion.
“Play… … … Dont play … … . . … . . . . . . .
Sit-out… . … Dont sit out . … . . . . . . … . . .
Fold … … … Dont fold . … … . … . … … . .
Bet… … . … .Dont bet… … . . . . . . … … .
Rule … … . …No rule… . . . … . … . It does not matter… There will always be those seeking advantage from the rules. Great players find a strategy to destroy them. If active players snap fold to each other and only compete for Greyed players blinds the table quickly devours and shares a sit-out’s stack and then return to normal play.:turtle:
Master whoeverit … you must share this knowledge and the wise will learn”


I think that if you cannot beat a player who posts blinds and then folds, perhaps you should go away and read some poker books…:slight_smile:


Since cash poker (whether tournament or otherwise) is not free poker, to try and strictly compare the two is foolhardy, and perhaps even ludicrous (depending upon the game). But you have piqued my curiosity. What poker books have I missed that specifically provide valuable insight on how to play on a free site?

Poker is a game, the same techniques, strategy etc apply whether money is involved or not…I will cede the point that the introduction of money can change the game but not necessarily …

Was in the 50k tourney yesterday final table ,one player did not play a single hand till the end of the tourney as was not on his seat but had 29000 chips(not sure how long before that he ws away as he was not on my table).
He finished a incredible 3rd considering he didnt play a single hand when down to 9 players.he got blinded out.
i had to win 15 hands or more to be sitting with 30k average on the table and was chip leader and this 'sleeper’was 2nd for the longest time.
This is completely unfair…
There has to be a time frame a person is on the final table before being booted out- say for arguement-10 or 15 minutes.
Or no of hands 10-15 hands.
Being a sleeper doesnt give us access to his chips and 29000 chips are not into play.For whatever reason the player cannot continue further there should be time limit.
The time limit may not give us his pot to play but atleast the other players can play for money position .
There are times and these are the usual culprits who leave the final table with a stack and come back later to play…and they do this on a regular basis.
Above does not augur well for the game.
Can we not induct a time frame policy here? this means it does not apply only to final table but right thru the is totally unfair to protect your chips by not being at the table.This is not gamemanship.

If it’s legal to be at the table and fold every hand, why shouldn’t it be legal to NOT be at the table and have your hands folded for you? I mean really, what’s the difference?


In pokerstars cash games if you miss 3 rounds of hands sitting out they free up your seat.

Been awhile since I played a tourney there but I think there is a 10 minute time period for sit outs and they remind you when you have used up your time and if you go over you are tossed.

Edit: Not tossed but told you have no time outs remaining except those built into the tourney.

You have to pay the blinds or wait until the BB comes around if you rejoin so that is supposed to dissuade people from abusing sitouts but in a sng it probably has little effect if the table clears fast and you can get in at the end with minimal blinds.

It is just poor sportsmanship IMO and I would give them an earful.

Playing within the site’s rules is somehow “poor sportsmanship?” Does this also apply to check-raising or having the best hand at showdown?

The regional leagues have 2 tournies each per day, and they are scheduled an hour apart. In order to compete on the regional leaderboards, one has to play as many of these tournaments as possible. Those who are doing well in the earlier 5K tournament often sit out once the later 15k tournament starts. They should be punished for this? Really?

“Coasting” can be, in certain circumstances, a perfectly valid strategy. Every valid strategy that is eliminated reduces the strategic diversity of the game. Is this a good thing?

People have complained about “bingo” players. If one has to leave, the 2 available options are bingo or sitting out. Should we outlaw leaving? I mean, if both options draw objections, what else can we do?

Instead of complaining about strategies we don’t understand or just don’t like, perhaps we should try to develop counter strategies. Yeah, it takes a little more effort, but it’s the adult thing to do. No, you can’t have any candy… deal with it.

My comment isn’t directed at anyone in particular, it’s just my thoughts on the topic.

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You can’t counter someone sitting out.

Most other poker websites I have played use a time system to dissuade people from abusing the sitouts.

Of course you can. The counter is to play more passively until they blind out.

There is definitely a time limit as I experienced it a few days ago when I joined a tourney late.
I sat down and folded and was booted the next hand. I reported the “glitch” and the hand number and was told I timed out even tho I sat down seconds before the clock ran out on me…had I called I would have been okay.
That said, late comers annoy me too.

that’s a time clock for entering the tourney im talking of sleepers during the tourney…who don’t play a hand for an extended period of time…in this case it must have been 50 to one hour the player was still there…Im not saying its the players intent but there needs to be thumb rule for this.

There is a rule… it’s allowed.

I’m pretty sure I had already registered I just showed up late.

It isn’t a rule of holdem and just a website rule and most poker websites I have played use a timer for sitouts to prevent abuse of that rule.

I think that is the point here.

There is no way to counter a sleeper in a tourney because their objective is to get to the final show without playing poker and taking any risk and they don’t care if you played hard and smart the whole tourney and have to waste hours clicking on call to finally put them out on blinds.

Yes, that happens and could be stopped with a sitout timer system like other websites use and is something Replay should consider IMO.

This is incorrect. While playing on FullTilt, thier playerbase developed a non-collusion approach to countering a sitout. Its simple… the remaining players start folding to each others’s blinds, on the honor system… the only hand they play is the BB of the sitout… they also accomplish this as fast as possible, whittle’n down that sitout fast and noone is losing chips. Or even everyone folding around to the chipleader knowing they too can outlast the sitout. Once they are gone, then play resumes… So many players @ FullTilt had seen this work, that noone ever had to say anything, they might even alternate who won the person’s blinds. The reason this usually fails tho, is 1 person gets greedy, and then its feeding time @ the sharktank…

This is a legal tactic, as long as no direct collusion occurs.

I must comment that I believe what others have said… when you pay for tour chips by entering a SnG or MTT , you have the choice to fold every hand if you want and take your chances… whether you are “sitting out” or your “live” and just folding every hand. I find that dealing with “grey” ppl is just 1 more tool every tournament player MUST learn and master…

I put this in the same catcgory as “time to act” timers … if its 5, 10, or 20 seconds… a person who uses the whole timer, EVERY TIME, is still only playing by the rules… I may think its disruptive @ times, but I also use it @ times too… So too are your chips, you pay to enter the Tournament, the chips you are given may be used ANY way you see fit, only catch is you have to pay the blinds.

Far too often a begnign rule, once used effectively as a tool, then becomes a source of discomfort to some players who cannot adjust thier play. The less rules the better. Over time all players develop ways to deal with any situation, but changing the rules because some ppl cannot adjust to creative gameplay seems counterproductive to me.


Well said Ms Sassy.

Change your approach is better than change the rules.



Have a great day and win big!

You’re right SPG. But for me personally, they’re both equally annoying. It’s true that it’s not against any rules, and one has to find ways around it, but having someone sitting out the whole time is as annoying as playing against someone who’s there and folding all the time. Eventually I kinda get used to it, and treat them like an empty seat, but it’s a waste of the seat nonetheless. Someone more interesting could be playing in their place and making the game much more fun and challenging. But again, that’s just my opinion :wink: