Ban loafers

Players should be warned to play at a tournament if they sit out a hand. If they sit out more than 3 hands, their seat should be forfeit.

pure play allows 9 consecutive sit outs after that u r kicked off the table

If a tournament buy in is paid the player should be able to stay in the tourney until all of their chips are gone whether they lose them in hands or are blinded out. They will never make it into the money without playing, so if they don’t play then it’s their loss! That is the purpose for blinds and antis. Say they didn’t sit out, but folded every hand preflop what would be the harm in that, and obviously there would be no difference. BUT!!! If a player is holding a seat on a ring game table that is often hard to get in and sometimes necessary to sit on wait list for quite a while… Well that is just WRONG! And I think that if there is a way to manage personal antis to those who miss a couple of rounds of the table without a bet, then that might fix that problem. I have experienced a time or 2 when a table I would’ve liked to play on was full and 2 - 3 players were sitting out periodically and then jumped on then off again to save their seat. All the meanwhile never placing a bet. If there is a thought of considering something like I suggested, I’m sure people would start to be a bit more curtious.