Shortcut back to replay

just thought of something:
when going from replay to the forums, you can easily go click your profile and the second last option (the one above log out) brings you to the forums. but when going back to replay, the only way to do that is with the URL bar.

so the suggestion is: can you make a shortcut in the forums, just like we have already on replay?

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Click your profile, click log out, click community forums in the header, click return to Replay.

If a shortcut was added I think all would be still logged into the forums. Case in point I forgot to log out of the forums all night last night lol

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Hi Yiazmat–
When you are in the Forums, if you click “Community Forums”, you’ll see a choice called “Back to Replay.” That’s what I use. (And Craig JUST posted this as I was typing, so this is my confirmation of what he said.) lol


Hahahahahaha, Good Morning Jan. You know what they say about " Great Minds " LOL :slight_smile:

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Just curious why would you log out of the forums ? I never have.

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Hi Sharon. Because people see me logged in and send messages and I am not here to answer and I don’t want anyone to think I am avoiding them. I always log out.

That also brings us back to the debate in the other thread about how many people visit the site. So many people don’t log out that Replay has no idea how many are visiting or just staying logged in like now at the bottom of the home page you can see how many are logged in and seated but how many are actually here ?.

I log off of replay but just don’t log off the forums. Which would show me offline.

How do you do that ? When I log off Relay it takes me to the homepage to log in again. I cannot see any button for the forums ?

Yes what I meant to say I guess was I was logged into Replay homepage and forums all night watching WSOP on ESPN and following Marcs thread about it in real time and fell asleep without logging off so it showed me logged in and yup, I had messages.

If you click on your profile picture on the forums ( top right ) at the bottom of the drop down it says log out . This is what I never log out of except if I change my profile pic and also want it to change here , otherwise the pic here stays the same. To log off the site I go to main lobby .

Oh yes. So you stay logged into both all the time ?

No , I log off from the main lobby but not on the forums

Oh, ok, good to know. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

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ah ok, ty. never noticed it :slight_smile:

thanks for pointing me on it.


Your welcome !