Question about forum

A couple months ago, new forum rules were posted, and a discussion was there about older topics. Now after a couple months, I’m confused about something , whats the difference between “Locked(closed)” & “Archived & Locked(closed)” topics, and I was under the assumption that topics that are relevant and might come up every few months (exceeding the 1 month limit ) would still be available. Also , of my topics created, seems before Jun 17, all topics are un-closed & un-archived , is there a reason?

From the bottom of my heart I wrote the “Thank the Staff” thread so that the community could show thier support for staff, and even that topic cannot be revived…

I only noticed this today because I was looking for another “reply” and couldn’t find it, and wondered if it got deleted… so I went looking…

No biggie here, I’m just confuzed again. Any help would be apreciated.


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We’re still in the process of reviewing older posts. There are thousands of them and it is taking a good bit of time. Archiving a topic removes it completely, so we have not archived any of the topics yet. If there are particular topics you would like reopened, please let us know at

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