Link to the forums

i saw that asap the link to the new blog was added in the start screen where you log in . but if that’s possible, why not add alink to the forums as well. i understand the blog is new and can use some attention. but the forums might not be new but i assume there are a lot of players that might not be aware of the forums, and since there is a huge amount of valuable information in here, i think it deserves a link just as much (maybe even more) then the blogs.
long story short: do you agree it would be a good idea to add a link to the forums there as well

click this link when logged out if you don’t understand


I agree that adding a link to the forums is a great idea. I know I played awhile here before I realized they were here, so I assume there are probably a lot of players here who don’t know that the forums exist. It would be a great way to increase the number of players going to the forums, and the forums is another great way to build the Replay community, by allowing players to interact with each other.


Probably it is because I tend to overlook small print whenever I sign a contract, or maybe it is because I looked for it late at night with half-closed eyes, but I found the link to the blog after a long search, and only because I had the hint that it was there somewhere.
On the contrary, whenever I log in, I see immediately the “Top Community Topics” in big letters.
Do you really think the blog has more visibility than the Forums?


don’t know which has more visibility. but i do know they have visibility in different ways.
my theory is when a new player (that probably isn’t aware to either of those) will immediately see the blog cuz it’s directly next to the log in button. but since there is no forum next to it, the new player might remember the blog, start playing, and don’t look further for the forums because (s)he isn’t aware there is more to look for.
perhaps the blog can also use more visibility, but i think the forums can too.


Thanks for thinking about this! We can consider adding another link to the sign-up/log-in page, but right now we want to make sure new players aren’t overwhelmed with different links and information. We’re highlighting the blog because we hope to have easy-to-find (and read) articles for beginners, so having it on the sign-up page is ideal.

As @miri123 mentioned, once logged in, players are able to see the hottest forum topics on their dashboard, and we’ll continue to have occasional pop-ups that direct people over here. We’ll have another one soon, as it’s about time for another contest. It’s been fun seeing some new names over here lately! :slight_smile:


ok i understand. thx for the reply.