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When I first joined Replay we had some great discussions and staff would get involved to give their input on suggestions made and quite a few times these changes suggested by players were implemented. It was great, we worked together and got things done.There was no name calling just civil communication , I miss those days.
Lately it seems like some posts are started just to create drama. I suggest that everyone stick to the Topic , don’t let things get personal and be respectful even if you don’t agree with a comment made . This is Replays house and we are all just visiting so treat the other visitors with respect and follow the house rules.


Thanks ski… the forums can give answers to lots of questions and can be quite useful , when used properly.

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What do you expect from a forum that allows just anyone to post on it? I mean they let Canadians and even women on here. If there were some standards, them maybe we could have good conversations. I’ve been told we can’t restrict users along these lines any more though. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I am changing my identity and appearance after this one :slight_smile:


LMAO…love you to War …:star_struck:


Does this still apply if they are poorly ranked, thus obviously a big fish?


Like me SPG?!? LOL


Yes Micki, I like you very much! But please, let’s stick to the topic. Thanks!


You always did get me.


A good post Sharon and I really agree. I used to post quite a bit but have pretty much stopped. Good discussions are very productive and usually enjoyable. Arguments are just a waste of time.
Nice to see you Micki


Wow, I cannot imagine this forum being any more safe and mundane than it already is … yet you want more?

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Good to see that people have a sense of humor…the responses are enjoyable to read, …Would it be going to far to ask for a group hug…lol


Are we still aloud to give compliments and opinions anymore about your topic Sharon? if so then for the 2nd time on here i will tell u that u have a great post and its a great topic that u chose. I agree 100% with everything u said too. Good job ! ps i am still trying to find all my 1st compliments on here i gave u on here, have u seen them anywhere?

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I will never refuse a compliment , I thanked you after your 1st post which I did see and will thank you again.

I agree Sharon,
I don’t post alot anymore cause I can’t post in a timely fashon, but things sure have changed around here … its not what it used to be.

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May I just say that all players, whatever their reasons for coming to Replay to play poker, are more than welcome to join in whatever topics they are interested in. Some love the fun competitions and quizzes, some enjoy the meaningful technical discussions which I totally admit go over my head, others like to give advice, others seek advice. The footfall on the forum has increased over the last few months and I like to think that is because we try to provide something for everyone. Thank you for your time.


I agree that with all the Topics , there is sure to be one that interests most players , which makes it a good place for the Community to get together.

im one of the ones who tends to call a spade a spade and truly it doesn’t go down well with a lot of people…friends give their opinions and we discuss…then comes one fish out of the water and mouths off and the post gets shut down…its the same repeat offenders who just post negative remarks every single time…they don’t have a smile at the table,nor a hello nor a ‘nh’nothing…they don’t speak to anyone nor does anyone talk to them but they post their stinkers here as and perhaps their life is so negative…and never heard of the word ‘be nice’(just as niki santoro would say in the movie Çasino’…im not saying I don’t mouth off at people or at the tables…sure I do when someone calls my all in on final table with 23 off I do get crazy but I don’t abuse anybody…
you are not going to like everybody and not everybody likes you…its the way of the world here and outside.
so those who don’t like you will come to squash your post and just comment for the sake of commenting in the most negative way…And when you give them a mouthful the post will be shut down…
We all post for different reasons as my friend grapevine mentioned …I don’t think its fair to malinge to post
just because you can…there are points we friends can argue,discuss and debate in a friendly way…two friends can have different opinions…and as said opinions are like ____ everybody has one…!!! so Sharon do post what you like,you will always get a response from positive players and those who negate everything they will come here to give their two penny bit for which just don’t pay any attention…disregard It and send them off…

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Sassy we miss your posts !!! come back!!!


Hey jazzy, thanks for your feed back but i think it goes both ways as Sharon mentioned in her post, this time she is talking more so about the people posting the forums or ( posters ) they are called. She said that it looks like people that post some of the forums just post it to create drama. I agree with her and i agree with u Jazzy on everything else u said about the so called visitors or responders that do that too but sometimes the visitors or people that comment on the post in an opinionated fashion are not always welcomed from the poster if the poster doesnt agree with them, so it really does go both ways. Thanks Jazzy and thanks again Sharon for seeing that it involves both at times.

Thanks for your post, Sharon! I appreciate the reminder that we stay focused on topics at hand on the forum, without letting things get personal. A few incidents aside, I think people have mostly done a great job of it here. I love seeing all the activity on the forum lately – from the serious poker topics to the silly off-topic posts where we can all get to know everyone better. Even the “Canadians and women”, though I’m biased, as I’m a woman who lives in Oregon, which is basically California’s Canada. :wink:

Those of us on staff are still keeping a close eye on suggestions – I don’t always respond to every one as I don’t want to be the “HTML 5 first” broken record (though it’s coming along and I hope to have an update soon!), and I can’t wait to move forward on a lot of them once that project is over.

I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread because I’m optimistic that we can stay civilized here, but if anyone else has questions about our forum guidelines, you can read them here. If you see a post that gets personal, please flag it and our forum mods or myself will handle it ASAP. :slight_smile: