Seeing Double o.O

Wow… This is the first time I have seen something like this happen…

A fellow player, TheHood, is seen in 2 seats.

Odd glitch…

Table had seemed to reset a couple hands after as I was writing this.

Well spotted LadyRaven.

That’s very strange… we’re looking into it! Thanks for reporting.

Maybe this can happen by logging in using 2 different browsers?


I just tested it with 2 different browsers. I couldnt do it.

No prob… Good Luck with it.

No it’s definitely some very strange issue, possibly to do with the new waiting list feature. We’ve found a bug that may have caused it, we’re not certain though, so we’re going to deploy a fix this afternoon then see if any more instances of players seated twice on a table are reported. If you spot anything odd, please do let us know. Thanks!

Not sure if one already exists, but perhaps a thread dedicated just to be able to report glitches with a link to it on the home page and ask them to include the hand number(s)? Not everyone is a member of the community page. I do like to keep up with things so I tend to check in almost daily here to see whats going on.