Is this the new "normal" and I don't mean Covid . This hand started with hole cards dealt and then a 2 card flop, a J and a low os brick (which of course isn’t shown). Next card was the 2nd Js. Regardless,it ends up me and the “winner” and I’m holding 3J (or so I thought). So I’m raising his bets on turn and river(which were 7c and 10d) figuring I got this one when all of a sudden the 2c drop right below the board. He bets it, I raise (not gonna give up on 3J’s), then the As drops,he bets I raise. Next thing I know the chips are going to him with 2K’s. This isn’t the first time and the least you can do is issue a disclaimer saying the 1st,2nd or 3rd card may not count. Ideally, RP should fix it or restart the hand when this happens.

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This problem has been going on for ages now. TBH I rarely ever see it anymore probably partly because I don’t play 2 multitabling very much anymore and also I’m more careful not to do anything to to increase glitches & bugs etc. Doing anything other than leaving the table being played displayed really upsets the new tables. Don’t switch to other browsers or pages etc for anything more than half a second or switch to other programs running etc.

Ideally it should be fixed but RP already responded that they cant guarantee it doesn’t happen in the future. Its definitely happening a lot less than previously tho so a band-aid fix is in place.

I definitely agree that if the hand is screwed up & “appears” to be miss-dealt it should be re-dealt again. The problem I think is that as far as the “system” & RP is concerned the deal was legit & correctly dealt. If you REPLAY the hand it appears perfectly normal.

Its very frustrating & you can expect it will continue to keep happening occasionally.


It has been happening to me all the time. It never gets better since the switch to html5. I have updated and changed browsers etc. same deal 5card flops, ghost cards not seeing river, getting bumped off table…sad.

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