Replaypoker staff

I feel that this small handed staff is doing a great job.

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Yes, they really do.

Hey, I don’t think my hands are that small…

Thank you for your kind words, though. =) I’m definite privileged to work with some of the coolest folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The passion behind Replay (and the community that drives it!) are absolutely awesome.

HAHAHAHAH what a clown

and your verywelcome !! nice long thumb lol.

strong textI would like to take the time to wish all of the hard working people at this fantastic site a Very Merry Christmas! Thanks to all of you ,all of us have a great place to play!

How do you know you don’t suffer from mini-thumbs, hmmm?

oops think I did this wrong but my heart and thoughts in the right place :wink: lol

nice, you did that just perfect.

HAHAHAHA I could to.

Will-not let me play

is thier a way to send chips to a friend from my own bankroll in the game

One friend give to me chips on “heads up” and after that i got warning from Chasetheriver.

Drop us a note to and we’ll see what we can do. =)

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! The best thing to do would be to contact us at so we can help you troubleshoot the problem. Hopefully it’s a simple fix.

feeling better 2day, so answering gatzby. school is out teacher . it seem that 2 avoid the main subject, u all attack spelling , . abev , u 4got cap, an paragraphing. but I don’t take it as insult, 4 it puts me in good company, smartest man in history couldn’t spell or try his shoe or button his shirt right, !!! albert Einstein. as 4 the main issue of how replay got my real name an how replay is posting it , im tried of telling u an three others now just how in getting this. all I kno is replay has my REAL NAME AN IS POSTING IT, an seem 2 be playing it off as a game. hate 2 know tht I used 1 of my cards 2 buy chips on ur site. ive also told replay just how I would send u the picture ive got of this, but fall on deaf ears. I am seeking consul an consulting at this time, 4 replay don’t seem 2 have a answer just how this has happen an how much more replay has on me personaly. !!! hope u can read this 4 I used … on it., but could not paragraph, ok . as 4 the other matter, random or sub-routine, u say one thing another says diff, I belive subroutine 4 it favors chip buyers , ill give an exsample 4 u an don’t tell me about 1000 or 10000 hnds being dealt when 9 players , one table, playing an that’s what it only is. this happen on 12 15 15 , 10:30 to 11:45, give all names when how where, but here r the facts. 9 players , 60 hnds played 3 players gets 10 hnds a pices 4 players come on table an plays 5 or7 hnds each one of theseplayers wins 4 out of the 5 or 7 hnds played straight an then leave with 10000 chips each or a little more, few others come on an ply 3 or 4 hnds an leave chip less, now the ones tht won 10 hnds apice has only played 25 or thirty hnds out of the 60 hnds played an now have left the table, after winning every big pot tht was played an with the rv crd winning it 4 them 90 per of the plays now that’s sub-routine at it best. now 4 my winning hnds out of this 60 hnds play it my normal every day its , three wins folding 98 [ per of them on an after the flop. just find it amazing that the three that won 50 per % of the hnds folded the hnds not played 98per% of the time b4 the blind, now thts in its self is truly amazing. an the hit an runners win 4 or 5 in a row an throws a couple of hundred chips back in an runs with 10000 plus, looks like subrountines to me also. now u can answer anyway u want gatzby, it make no diff now. but the one thing tht does, is just how did replay get MY REAL NAME, AN WHY POST IT , an just what else DOES REPLAY HAVE ON ME, or is this replay wants me to use my pc an send direct to to replay, ??? IM THRU WITH THE TALKING. its like most teachers, ! failures at others things, like to call out others errows as to make them selfs look smart., so ill just sray in Einsteins company. jam I almost 4got the …

Believe me from personal experience chip buyers have no advantage and if Gatzby is your teacher, change schools!!! A personal attack on him is unnecessary, any one on this site will help you as much as possible. It’s internet poker, learn and enjoy.



Happines, URA33, Gary_london, Friscoslet, Crum1850, are teached me how to play MTT when i tared play poker a year ago, later Scratch teached me how to play on “Sit and Go” hight and after Pigeonvole teached play ring games, they are all extremely nice and halpful persones and a very good players.

HEY WILD BILL u should kno tht u don’t blame the building u fire the teacher. an learn, I always learn never 2 old 4 tht , only a fool tinks he knos all an im sure not tht. an 4 having fun ,just did same as always, just as I told the table when I sit down. ive got 2 play 50 hnds b4 I get a winning hnd, wasn’t far from it an out the 50 plus hnds plyed I got 2 winners out of it an flded 1 of them. so fun hahaha sure lots of it, if u call sitting an flding fun an poker. an 4 the teachers , they r only doing what they r TOLD 2 TEACH!!!. SO BILL ENJOY UR GAME 4 IM SURE U GET MANY MORE HNDS THAN I. wold wish u luck, ha but we kno better than tht hey, 4 luck is 4 gamblers, wishers , an hope 4. an I attack no one , just responded in kind.

haha now im 4getting the most important thing. why is kno one answering just how replay got my real name an is posting it on my profile. funny talk about teachers , hnds fun poker, but not this!!!. an ill NOT LET IT DROP, I WANT TO KNOW HOW REPLAY GOT MY REAL NAME. an I will send picture of this , all they havet 2 do is give me a e mail address if they want picture they ask 4, ive got them.

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