Same Replay, New Look: Feedback on our new design

I’m a lucky 50% that didn’t get the rollout yet.



can you roll back to 25 / 75 (old) PLEASE

I’ve been playing daily since Dec 2020 but the new dashboard totally slammed me. Right in the upper center were 2 clickable links…one was something easy to figure out; the other was the “quick play”. Never did I think that would seat me at a random table with a $1000 buy in but that’s what that link does. I only clicked on it to see what was, not to dive into playing! lol

:smiley: Done - TY

Not very nice is the moving text on the missions page:


Again, as I’ve asked before, and still not received a reply, why didn’t this new design become an Optional voluntarily test, for players to try and see what it’s like if they wanted to, if they didn’t want to try, it’s fair enough, but EVERYONE could still see the previous design.
Why was the new design just simply rolled out with no prior notice, because you can clearly see that it was a nasty surprise for most of us!
This is what we want to understand. It was done just like that, behind our backs, this is not a beta test trial, it’s a shambles.

I agree a bazillion percent!!! … :>((( …

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There’s a lot of Lagging in just switching between Screens which is starting to get annoying.

I mentioned this previously, I played several SnG Promo games this week and there has been a lot of Lagging before the game even begins. A couple of times by the time I entered the game I was already sat out. Since the beginning Antes were low, I’m not really complaining but just notifying you of a problem.

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It is not the New Look, it started before, but i want to say i like it. Replay uses now pictures made on a 3D graphic app. I work on such an app too, and it is a new world, all much better.

Last year: