Same Replay, New Look: Feedback on our new design

Our new look has arrived! This has been rolled out to 20% of our players so far to ensure everything is working smoothly.

We’re excited to share this for a couple of reasons:

  • Accessibility. We’ve gotten feedback about our site being difficult to read, and our new version has larger text and improved color contrast.
  • It was time for a fresher, cleaner look! The improved design should also help with some of the lag time players sometimes had on the Dashboard and Lobby pages.

We’d love to get your thoughts on this new design now that it has launched. They will be shared with our design and product teams. Please be specific and constructive with your feedback and suggestions – it’s a lot easier for the team to make any potential changes if we know what you like/dislike about a new feature.

Thanks, everyone!


Hi, I personally am not a fan of this proposed layout, the font is too large, everything is larger than before and makes the screen look untidy, the way it has been for years is absolutely fine, cozy on the eyes, this new layout is unfortunately the opposite. It feels like the whole screen is zoomed in making everything look big and clumsy.

This part irritates me more than anything:

1.3M what? Minutes? Mice? Men? Why not just keep the exact number of chips like it was before? Nice and easy to read and understand, instead of condensing it into a shortcut. Strong dislike from me I’m afraid.


new design works for me; subtle and effective … however, you could have given me more winning hands in this morning’s Omaha H/L free role … thanks for providing this site


The new look isn’t bad but the logout is buried beneath my taskbar on my pc and now I can’t sign out.


I think it looks good but was disappointed that the tables still look the same , that is where I would have liked to see a change .

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Thanks a lot for letting us know. We’re going to look into this immediately. We may reach out to get some additional details.

This is still on the table (bad pun alert). I will be running a poll here on the forum to get player feedback on preferred changes so please stay tuned and encourage your friends to participate!


Change the green to raw sienna as in the 7 card stud table - this would look much better with the navy and fuschia and easier on the eyes I think. Also, can’t see the logout in the drop down menu. And, not a big thing, but why is the friend leaderboard static now?

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Although I appreciate the effort the old format worked better for me. The font is too large and the screen looks cluttered. Was there a reason behind enlarging the lettering?


I agree with most of the negative comments,logout buried,lobby looks cluttered,font to large,and the red checkmark in boxes is hard to see for me.
I appreciate the effort but i rally dislike most of it…maybe you should have polled members on what they want???
Oh and lobby still jumps around for me and I HATE THAT!

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Good Grief if i want to logout i have to shrink everything to see it

Oh Lordy, I hate to be negative, and I wrote to replay immediately to get help. I was in a Royal tournament doing fantastic until the final 2. I had around 70,000 chips to his 19,000 or so. Suddenly my screen froze. By the end of the game, I had restarted 3-4 times only being able to call or bet a few times. It sat me out every hand. It was very frustrating watching him steal all my chips while I was helpless. It is play chips, but who doesn’t want to win after playing such a great game. It doesn’t happen everyday for me. I gave the hand # where it started to go bad. 967434152 It was down hill from there. As for the look, I agree with what all my friends above said. I love a good change. I know you will try to get it right after working so hard on it. Thanks for letting us voice our opinions. Also, I was the only playing the tournament with the new look, so they thought I was crazy when I asked them how they liked it. lmao My biggest concern is that I have 2 tournaments later today which I would hate to freeze up in. @4 and 9:30. Please help.


Looks like a big cartoon lol and same problems at tournament just now. Got frozen, a hand ended after turn card (2 of us all in) as I guess I won because BOOM, I was at a different table with more chips lmao:).

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I like the old set up. Right now, " friends online" is blocking things. I cannot see at bottom of page and VERY hard to log out 2.

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I just IM another player asking how he log outs on new format, he said his format is the same as old one. Can you change mine back to old one? so i can log out lol.

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@kjdivers @jujube @HoboSoup @bill8888 Our tech team just released a fix for the logout issue. Can you please tell me if you’re still facing this?

(Thank you for your overall visual feedback as well!)

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Thanks for that info @Sue13! The issues you mentioned shouldn’t be related to the new design. I see you submitted a support ticket about this (thank you!) so we’ll get back to you there and see what we can do to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing the glitch!

I and I’m sure a few others here would just like to ask…

Is this change only a temporary trial, or is it changed permanently? Because we never had any upcoming warning prior to this. If it’s staying, I am seriously put off visiting the website because I just cannot stand how it looks now.

One more unnecessary issue:


The friends names that are supposedly Online are exactly the same color and font as the ones who are supposedly Offline. Why make it so bland and hard to read? For those who have many more Online friends at one time, it would be frustrating trying to look through the list working out who is on and who is off.


Hey bill8888, I found that if I zoom out to 80% on my browser, it’s a little more tolerable and the menu works fine, although it’s just putting a small patch over a large rust hole, only a temporary fix.


Can adjust, Except for the Friends Leaderboard that needs a scroll bar.

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