Font style has changed

Im really annoyed about this, and i was wondering if anyone knows how to take it back to defualt

if someone can send a pic of how their table looks like, that would be highly appriciated

Mine looks the same. That is the default style font on the tables.

indeed the font is not the same you are not crazy, I am 100% that it has changed very recently
personally it does not bother me since I do not use the default style of the replay tables

the change happened today for me. it was a way skinnier and honestly better looking text just hours ago
I really hope replay changes it back, or atleast gives me some way to customize it.

Are you referring to the font for player’s names or the text that shows in the chat box? The player names should always be the same font, but the chat may be in different fonts or colors for the Mods, PReps, or Staff–including Support. (There is no different font for Volunteers doing other things, like translators.)

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I like the new font. Seems easier to read.

I noticed it today. I find it reads easier.

It doesn’t effect my game play so I’m fine with it :+1:t2: