hi to all readers .
i was wandering if Replay Poker, will introduce emoji to its chat box
as i am not great at typing,
i miss my bets at times typing a reply slow the game down
or not be socialable at all
it would be great if we had emoji to say good hand, thank you, etc…
i have seem someone use a smiley face emoji, but i don’t know how they did this
looking to see what you all have to say


Good to see you Mickey, Been quite a while, I miss ya. Hopw all is well and your are keeping safe. I would like some djojis too.

You can copy them from a web page and paste them into the chat box

i tried copying and pasting , did not work for me…
be good if replay made it simple

I agree and have been asking for this a long long time. They have them right here ,I don’t think it would take long to implement this.Players here would appreciate it,especially those of us that are older.
Thanks Nic

Hi mickesh,
when you click ALT+1 (on your numeric keypad) you get a small smiley
when you click ALT+2 (on your numeric keypad) you get a small black smiley
I have to say, they are very small.
Hope this helps.

I tried this Tiandra and it didn’t work for me lolol…see we need those emojes buttons BAD
like ASAP lol

It worked on the flash tables but not on the new HTML5 tables