Rungood race hands not counting

tracking 17 hands won, fit the criteria noted on the page, no new points awarded despite update to board occurring after those hands were played?

Is there an extra lag or hidden criteria? I was wondering if hands folded around to you preflop counted, but I’m not even getting points for hands that got to showdown within those 17.

Replay wrote the leaderboards update now every 15 minutes. But on most days are hours without update while playing. 2 - 5 hours until next update. On winter games it updated me 5 hours not, i played and looked, made me a 15 minutes timer for looking too. Many goes there wrong. It is a very old problem. One of the 1000 things on Replay.
I played the last 21 months on all ring promos, looked on all days many hours to leaderbord to my points and i can say this very sure. And on last promo, Stud Carnival, it gave me too many points too.

Yea I found its several hours delayed in reality, even though it says 10-15 minute updates. Confirmed hands folded to you preflop count as well.

If you are on big blind pos, and all fold in front of you on preflop (you have a walk), then you are winner of the hand and get your points for it. This is ok.
I have on this promo some points, but only my daily playing. I play Rungood Race not. I’m a very tight player, and not a most hands winner. Better i wait for next promo.


This should really have a correction factor for hands as well, you can rack up points fast at a 4 player table

Hi @xepA,

The Ring game Leaderboatds do not update your score while you are at a ring table. They should update soon after you end the session.

Could that be why your score was not updating in running?

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I played now a hour on a table and got points in this time on Leaderboard while playing. This is not the problem. But sometimes goes something wrong.

that’s a real head-scratcher, it’s like they’re playing hide and seek with those points

Played for hours in the RunGood promotion and my points have NOT moved!!

What happens to the points per hand in a split pot - such in omaha hilo?