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Yesterday I played in a tournament. There were 84 players to start with. The strangest thing happened when we got down to 24 players remaining. It never dropped. It sat at 24 for the rest of the game. I kept seeing players go all in and lose, yet the number never moved off the 24. Finally I had a great hand, went all in and got stacked. Then the result popped up and said I finished 3rd. I had no idea where I was prior to my last losing hand. I asked the remaining players did they notice what I was looking at, but all I got was crickets. By looking at the positions and not knowing where I stood I played differently. Had I known I was third I would have used a different strategy. Strange goings on.


Please send a message to as I have had a few reports of a similar nature, and the tech people need to know about it.

I’m presuming you only looked at ON TABLE stats? my suggestion is: use the MTT game lobby! it should accurately list all players and progression

this site is very broken with multiple bugs, glitches & errors so u just need to learn to tolerate this… many understand that n learn to navigate accordingly… I rarely play SNG or MTT but if i do I sometimes use the MTT lobby to show progression… On RP some stuff works effectively and other stuff doesnt… The lobby usually works ok for me except for the chat, so maybe try that

keep in mind the site is more screwed up than ever this week due to updates so its possibly just a temporary issue…

I have reported this issue to support and quoted ddaafternoons post, in full.

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