RPOS XI League of Legends #25 TURBO BOUNTY

70 entrants but only 57 listed

Disappointment with late registration fail.

Disappointment with RP site

A lot of time invested in this RPOS only for this to happen.

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Exactly the same has just happened to me. I have sent a report to support but it is disappointing, to say the least!
Being from the UK it is the only game in RPOS the Europeans can play at a reasonable time.

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Thank you for sending the report.

I noticed the same thing happening in RPOS XI HRS Event #5. The final tally was 79 actual runners…but that number climbed up to 91 upon the end of “registration.” My best guess is that the lobby interface said 20 minutes of late registration but the game inherently stopped it (or thought it ended) at 15 minutes. Thus, 12 people didn’t get in when they thought they did. I think HeyPatrick was one of them…saying something in the lobby that his ticket was taken and nothing happened.

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Why was the LoL #26 changed from PL H/L to just PL without prior notification?

Hi @smooth99, that was a manual configuration error and down to myself. The intention was to run PLO and that was what was configured, but I incorrectly stated Hi/Lo to the League of Legends page.

We have people do sanity checks on all the pages, but I am afraid that one got through.

Apologies for the error.


Hi @Excaliburns, sorry to see this happened.

I see there were indeed 13 players in admin who received their entry back after RPOS XI League of Legends #25 TURBO BOUNTY ended on October 3.

You all tried to enter with late registration and for some reason were unable to be seated.

Also apologies to @grapevine and @_snowman. and all the others who fell victim to this particular break down.

This might occasionally happen to just one player right at the end of Late Reg but this is unprecedented to have so many. I will keep looking into it and write up a report for the Tech guys to follow up


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback. As I responded in my support ticket, it may be best to not have 20 minute late registrations in tournaments until this gets fixed. Limit to 15 minutes to ensure all get in that late register.



Thanks for writing up the report.

Also, thanks to the Tech guys for the follow up.

My thoughts are it was a long tournament, and the strengths and weaknesses of the players became

more evident.

Also, the strengths and weaknesses of Replay became more evident.

It’s actually a good opportunity for all involved for improvement.

Resulting in advanced players and an enhanced site.

It’s actually a win win situation in the long run.