Respect for the Opinions of Others


Chemically Induced? Sounds like term for a victim of a water-balloon ambush attack, that is, if they retaliate.


If you called it “bingo”, then you were the one being disrespectful, if anything. Not that I like that kind of play, but it is an insult regardless, and telling the one who says that to stop playing No Limit Hold’em seems to me like an honest suggestion.


I respect your opinion, but strongly disagree.
Telling someone to “go play something else if you don’t like it” is not an honest suggestion, but a disrespectful one. It seems you haven’t read the whole thread and seen the difference between honest suggestions and disrespectful responses pointed out earlier.

Also, how is it disrespectful to call bingo play “bingo”? When you’re not playing poker, or respecting others at the table by ruining their game, how is it disrespectful to call the way you play “bingo” when it’s not justified (like only occasionally, when being short stacked in a tourney, or otherwise), constant and random and plain annoying? What do you suggest we call it? Professional Poker?


Again, I don’t like that kind of play, have called it “bingo” several times, and still, it’s disrespectful to do so, and it’s perfectly fine for anyone to play any way they see fit. In cash games, of course you won’t see that kind of play, because most people don’t have the money to be able to afford it, but that doesn’t mean the game wouldn’t allow it.

Telling someone to consider other options for poker when they’re complaining about something that only happens in one of them is not like sending someone to hell or something.

I skimmed through the whole thread just now looking for that misunderstanding that you talk about, but found nothing.


Let’s agree to disagree then :slight_smile:


I agree that disagreeing can be agreeable if the disagreeing parties agree that the disagreement wasn’t agreed upon during the agreeable times needed to agree or disagree, but that the disagreeable agreement needed agreeable outlines of agreements and disagreements to be agreeable! Do you both agree?

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I both agree and disagree :joy:

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After reading everyone’s responses and feedback for me as a newbie to the site, all I can say is if I’m in a room and playing in a great Poker Game Table where everyone seems to get along, crack funny stories etc…is that I get annoyed when someone comes in the room and decides to play Aggressive Bingo behavior whether it be one hand or every other hand before the Flops or to disrupt the game, that clearly gets my attention fast. I’m not against Bingo Players per say just the ones that feel like they have to accumulate impatiently for their wins. I have been challenged before and yes I have lost and some I have won…and some of the original Players leave which is sad because we had fun and great games going on. Then there are those that always have to have a nasty comment about the game or replay poker …I just mute them and continue on…so I a guess I agree with most of you…is all I’m sayin’ lol…

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You sound like my sister…she always talks like that when I ask her a question…never a direct answer lol…

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I know you think you understand what you thought you said, but I’m not sure you realize what you said was actually what you meant.


First of all, I’ll admit right away that I didn’t read this entire thread. Regardless, I’m going to throw my 2 cents in because “I think” my commentary will be appreciated by those whom agree with my opinion(s), as well as many whom do not.

JuiceeLoot: You’re last remark is a masterpiece! (Larry, really? You’re going to jump in out nowhere with that? Talk about disrespect!)

Some folks can’t grasp the notion that poker is a game of skill. Those folks, generally speaking, have little knowledge of the game and little or no experience playing the game. The one thing they do know is that the deal is (allegedly-lol) random, which means there is luck involved. It’s tough to explain the skills and the different types of skills involved in hold 'em. I think a reasonably experienced player could coach a complete novice through a couple of tournaments and lend enough insight for that novice to actually acquire some skills. For instance, how the cards on the board dictate the best possible hand and how to recognize when you’re holding an unbeatable hand. This is valuable stuff to know. To know it and use it demonstrates skill that contributes to a player’s success on the tables. Let’s give our player a new coach. The new coach is a seasoned professional poker player and his job is to teach the player how to win hands without ever looking at his cards. Would this be a valuable skill to acquire? YES. Can this skill be acquired through coaching? Possibly, but it would require some specific natural abilities and would take more than a couple of tournaments to learn.


Q.) What do these two vastly different levels of acquired skill have in common?
A.) All skills cease to exist the instant a BINGO PLAYER HIJACKS THE TABLE!

The poker game is no longer a game of skill. It’s an elaborate coin toss. If you’re playing for real money, they have a name for it. It’s called stupid. If you’re doing it for free chips, I have several names for it: Pathetic, shameless, selfish, mindless, annoying, lazy, and, of course, stupid.

Some define bingo as going all-in pre-flop. (PERIOD!) I’m referring to players who do it repeatedly, no matter what cards they hold or how many chips they have. If it’s done occasionally, as a tactic, that’s not necessarily bingo. There’s a difference between aggressive and careless, but, that doesn’t mean that it’s ok to play bingo under tactically aggressive circumstances. In fact, (in my opinion), those are the most shameless and despicable circumstances to turn to the tactic. Especially during the final minutes of a MTT. After spending all the time and effort getting to the final table, someone suddenly finds themselves with a substantial chip lead over the other players. The blinds are usually quite large at this point so every hand is critical. If a player has a big enough stack to go all-in without fear of losing the lead if someone calls him and wins, he can probably do it often enough to carry him into 1st place. It’s a proven winning strategy. It also turns the game into a coin toss. But, hey, what’s the difference? You win. You get the most free chips and the announcement is made that you won. Some of us might even tell you “nh, gg” as we go down in defeat. Let me share a secret with you. When we say that, we aren’t even communicating with you. We are communicating with the other players at the table. The ones we have respect for and enjoy playing against. It’s sad that you ruined the game as it reached the peak of competition, but it is, nonetheless, just a game. There’s no need to express some ugly gesture to you that everyone else will have to see. (It’s not that we’re all that nice or that polite. There’s a reason that my profile no longer has a picture and I no longer have the ability to populate the “about me” section. It’s not because I was too nice or polite!) It’s better to leave in peace, with dignity, and show our coolness to those who recognize it. We all have more free chips to play with and if we run out, REPLAY will give us more. Some of us don’t snicker when we hear the old saying, "It’s not whether you win or lose,…). Some of us are capable of playing a game of solitare without cheating. Some of us don’t challenge 2nd graders to spelling contests or 6th graders to one-on-one basketball games, and if and when we play bingo we use bingo daubers and bingo cards, not poker chips and playing cards!

Ok, I guess I got a little carried away there. LOL

I just noticed that I still have a picture/avatar when I’m logged into the forum area. That is not a picture of me, by the way. It almost looks like a guy with long hair playing a guitar and wearing a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head. Well, that’s exactly what it is! His name, (I’m not making this up-google it!) his name is “Buckethead”. He’s 6’7" tall, wears a mask in addition to the bucket, is a virtuoso guitar player and has recorded over 314 albums. Yes, I said 314. Listen to the song “Soothsayer” if you like rock music, especially guitar oriented stuff.

Thank you Replay people for taking away my picture instead of kicking me off the site entirely, (which I probably deserved!) I am proud that I have turned the ordeal into a learning experience by adding a new word to my vocabulary. I was not familiar with the word “EGREGIOUS” until I received your correspondence describing my display. The description was entirely accurate. I’m sorry, I was a little upset.

Foul and abusive language, and the use thereof. I’ve endowed the chat box with some relatively colorful language. I never instigated the behavior but may have initiated the verbal confrontation (with non-foul and non-abusive language. Most likely with a bingo player!) I have retaliated in kind but typically in a grammatically correct manner, leaning more towards wit than blatant profanity yet quite abusive in nature. My remarks have been well received and often enjoyed by others at the table. No complaints, ever. I try to avoid this type of thing but, come on, this is a poker site. I cannot convince myself that there’s people out there playing with their kids sitting on their lap intently keeping up with the game. I’m supposed to believe the same person claiming to be upset by vulgar language is teaching their own children the finer points of a game known world-wide for it’s association with gambling, usually in places depicted in sharp contrast to anything wholesome or healthy. A game in which success relies on a players ability to effectively imply non-truths as though they were fact. Have fun with those kids when they’re teenagers!

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