Players style's and folks' commentary

Folks need to refrain from giving commentary regarding playing styles. You are not the host of some poker show on television. People have the right to play any way they choose without your need to criticize or ridicule. I have been called names, mocked and even been threatened with violence all because of the way I was playing. IT IS A GAME PEOPLE! No one has the right to act like that! Sometimes I, personally come and blow off steam by playing the rebuy tourneys. I zone out and usually go all in because it is a no limit tourney and I just want to sit back and see what develops from each hand. I do not always go all in but sometimes my hands are busy and I click the go all in so I can just watch it unfold. But, pray tell…WHY do folks feel the need to say something?! Just play your hand and take my chips when I lose! I am playing for different reasons than you are but they are still just as valid reason to play. Even if I went to Vegas and “played like a donkey”, “played BINGO” or any other stupid euphemism for not playing YOUR WAY - all they would do is take my money and snicker. I seriously doubt that anyone would feel the need to comment about my style. JEESH, PEOPLE - give it a rest. Just play your hand and let the other person play theirs - any way they like. The chat section is for just that…CHATTING. Remember to old adage - “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”.


Sorry to hear you’ve been having a negative experience with some folks in the community. As per our Community Playbook, we ask all players to restrict themselves to positive feedback – making constructive suggestions is a lot more helpful for everyone’s game, we find.

If you encounter anyone not living up to those guidelines, please, by all means, report (and mute, if necessary) them! Our moderators and staff members are here to make that sort of problem go away. =)

Here are some helpful knowledge base links:

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I agree with you completely @mzmaria.

First & foremost poker is a game & people should be able to have fun playing it. So I don’t see why anyone should be spoiling this.

Secondly, as long as you stay within the rules, you can do whatever you want at s poker table. I would argue that going all in every hand is not a winning strategy but neither is playing a lot of junk hands & people do that without comments from others.

Finally, as a hopefully improving poker player it is my job to adjust to different playing styles. No one would complain if I only played 1% of hands or 10% or sat there folding every hand. So while I do shout & scream when I get a promising hand & someone goes all in, the onus is then on me to make a good decision against this player. If I call, I often get it ahead but get sucked out on & go out but guess what?..if you go to the lobby, there are loads more games that you can reg.

This seems to be a big problem on other sites too. People seem to think that they have to comment or be rude about other peoples’ playing style when really they should be learning & adjusting.

First, off you are 100% right people should not tell you had to play, but I must correct you about tables at casinos especially the BLACKJACK tables the players really get on your case if hit when you shouln’t have.

I always think I am here to win not to make you win

have a good day and just enjoy the game


Well, how about when your "style " ruins MY fun? Not an issue with YOU I suppose. I go to a 10/20 table for a reason, based on my stack size. Then someone with a “style” comes along and bets 5000 preflop every hand. Not fun. Now you are going to use the standard BS pat answer I hear for EVERY thing on this site…“Thats why they call it no limit…hyuck”. Not acceptable. Im gonna call you a doosh bag. Deal. Go ahead and tell Mom!

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See my response below

Many people ‘try’ to play as if they would for real money. They take the “game” seriously and work to better their skills. The thing is you’re not losing money, but you can really mess up a game when others are working to play WELL. You can click on each player and mute them by clicking on the cartoon balloon emblem. You can also MUTE the entire table and won’t see anything anyone says. You’ll also not be able to talk to anyone while in that mode. Yes, you have a right to play any way you want as long as you’re willing to take the commentary - or block it. Go play on some of the highest level tables and see if you don’t feel like making a comment or two when the ones with hundreds of millions and billions of chips either edge you out by pushing you all in or buying the hand. THEY have nothing to lose. People in tournaments play much more “seriously” than ring play. If you play poorly or without any respect for the game… well. AND everyone has the right to act like themselves with freedom of speech; positive or negative. If your hands are too busy to truly play the game, then why join the tournament?

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Yeah, right. In a perfect world. Some people bring out the worst in others. But true, if it gets too bad you can find a monitor most of the time, but not always. The thing is it’s not as easy to just leave a tournament table as it is a ring game, or even a low buy in sit and go. As nice as it would be it’s not all sunshine and lollipops on this site… not by a long long shot.

It’s best to be civil, and yes some people’s playing style ruins the fun (bingo players in royal are the worst because royal has the most variance).

However, some people seem to think that shoving all-in is bullying or a viable tactic. It is not. It may be boring for a little while, but if you play it the right way you will get all their chips fairly quickly. Beating hyper-aggressive players is an essential (and easy) poker skill.

In case anyone is interested: If a player is all-in preflop let’s say 50% of hands, that means they are shoving with less than premium hands. Sometimes I see people then make the mistake of calling them down with less than premium hands and losing. The key is to actually play much much tighter than you ordinarily would and only call them with big hands (JJ+, AK) or similar. Bingo is not a viable tactic because the player is risking all of their chips with a hand like A7, when the probability that at least 1 other person at the table will get a big enough hand to bust them each time is extremely high. I’ve sat down with a chip-buying bingo fish at 500/1k ring and been up 4 buy-ins (600k) in minutes.

I to am am sorry to hear the bad flack your getting from some people, Ive played them to, its called no sense of humor, just ignore it and play anyway you like, I like your last statement, remember folks its just an an online game to play and have fun.

you can say that again… agree totally… win or lose its only a game… Peace, bigpops

The solution (one which I often use just because of my curmudgeonly nature) is a simple one.
Just mute the table.
Play as you wish, let others praise or bash you while you sail along in your own private world.
I have no need to be told anything by others at the table … good, bad, or indifferent and by muting the table it prevents me from saying something equally rude in response, should someone take issue with how I’m playing.


Today I played at table with some players I played before.
I think I won something at that time, cause as soon I spawned there were reactions in the area: “oh, I remember novi”, “phew”… etc…
Didn’t care at all, cause if we played before, I know I wasn’t rude or said anything wrong. I just PLAYED.

But than they became “clever” - and started to speak in codes.
One of them had flush and spoke bout flood in their area…
Than there were just letters… “K”…

  • “did you see that J yesterday…”


When I warned them bout speaking in codes and that I’ll report it, they started calling names and throwing insults inbetween.

Is muting that kinda’ “players” REALLY the way to go?
If I mute them, they will still carry on with whatever they wanna do, speaking to one another bout their cards, insulting etc…

Other people/kids around, that are just kinda people that want someone to lead them - they’ll take my silence like weakness, and they’ll aprove of anything that goes unrepelled, from all kinds of reasons - mostly cause they want to be approved from a pack, no matter if that pack is sucking them dry.

So who gets the “thicker end” with muting?

Sorry, but if I’m alone and doin my thing, that doesn’t mean I have to follow the rules of a pack, and throw my jugular to the first blood-sucker that goes my way.

No matter if they’re just stupid kids that just want to ruin someone’s play.

I’m one of that 'viduals that try to play it like I play for real money, and I learned that in ring games you have to read the table before you can read players 'vidual.

It’s cool if you end at the table that suits you, but it changes so quickly with just one “parashooter”, that can ruin the game for everyone, including you, that builded the tempo of the game for ten-20 or so minutes.

That happens, and I got used to it, really.

But for tournaments - I can’t get it. I’m dazzled with some rivers in ring games, but people that are beating me in tornaments for 100K, that go all-in and end up with river card that gives them straight, when I’m on 37’th place of winning that tournament - what to say?

maybe that some people felt the same way some minutes before when I got third spade gainst their 2 pairs a few minutes ago? lol

There’s no way around it man. It will ALWAYS feel like “big brother” is against you, untill you get to YOUR good streak.

Than you forget everything, it’s the name of the game.

Just be cool

At times I like bingo all in pre-flop players, they bring and leave a lot of chips at the table for the most part, and gives me a great opportunity to add to my chip count. It also can be quite annoying when their style conflicts with the current table style, It’s as if you would go into a crowded room lay out a big fart and leave. Of course you may not see it that way, but that’s how it’s perceived at the table. At a lot of the ring games the same people play and know each other very well as you may see by the chat that goes on, of course these tight groups of players don’t own the table they do however build a bond and a friendship that you may not be aware of. This is a free site and your very much in your right to play any style that you wish, but don’t expect that you’re going to be treated well for what others may perceive as an annoying style of play. Bottom line either try and learn the game, take more time and patients when playing or put the mute button on and play the game as you normally would and have fun. Please! “There is no whining in poker”… well there is, but nobody wants to hear it. Good god, It’s only poker after all, and table banter is to be expected.

I have just watched a bankroll builder tournament you played. 23 pre-flop all-ins in a row is not a way to endear oneself to tablemates. It is a tournament and as such players can’t just go to another table to aviod your “style”. Some of those players may well have paid for their chips and wish to play poker not all in all in all in. (This is a poker site afterall) Players may be trying to improve their game for a number of different reasons and they also have the right to play their “style” of poker and not be dictated to by your “style”. Other players reasons to play are just as valid as yours.
I also don’t believe it is acceptable to threaten another player because of the way they play. Donks already know they are donks and will continue to be donks for all time regardless of what others say or do.
And finally to finish… Please please please dont play like this as it ruins the game for the other eight players at the table. Good Luck and enjoy your day

“If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”. So you want to dictate how poker banter should be, not going to happen. If you want to whine about it that’s your business, otherwise use the mute button!

“People have the right to play any way they choose without your need to criticize or ridicule.” I’m going to comment as to whether you played a nice hand or if your a “DONK”, 23 all ins in a row = “DONK”.

If your pissing people off, bad enough, that they’er threatening you due to your style of play, remember an old adage “He (she) that hath a head of wax must not approach the fire.”

Not knowing the value of a held hand, past luck in utilizing a particular style (I use the word luck because regardless of your your past experiences at the table and regardless of your self imposed skill rating it is all luck) the game has changed greatly since the card industry started putting backs on the cards.

Here’s the ultimate answer:

I managed to go to 100 and somethng K in about a week or ten days I’m playing. Mostly I played normally, like I play for real money, but day before yesterday I started to think how much is enough?
Cause when I had 3 K, it wasn’t enough, when I got to 30-40K, it was OK, but 70-80 would be better…
When I pushed through 100K, I began to “worry” about “falling bellow 100K mark”?

So I went and made an experiment with going all-in, and lost it all day before yesterday. I simply played on odds, and lost it ALL in matter of minutes. Wanted to see how ridicoulous hands game can throw when you go all-in. And I can say that It would be IMPOSSIBLE to lose in RL like I was losing here, and that the game really favourites some players under some circumstances.
It’s obvious that 6 players playing with 52 cards CAN NOT HAVE 1 ten each, while straight unfolded at the table, several times in a row, with just a lil’ shades of the same thing over and over, but no matter.

now I play with several K’s again, normal, and when I start to get rich I spend it real quick. With tournaments as main game. It’s somehow more interesting than hoarding numbers.

If you were going all in all the time, you were not “playing on the odds” as you say. Going all in preflop (except at the very end of a tournament against 2-3 opponents) is like jumping out out of an airplane and hoping to land on a soft spot.

I have tried many times to explain the logic to people: you are asking to get beaten for two big reasons.
1: Players will only be calling your all-in with big hands. So, AJ might seem like a good hand to go all-in with because its in the top 10% of hands, but there is a 16% chance you are up against a bigger ace, not to mention all of the pocket pairs that are favored over you.

2: Even if you have AA every single hand, you will still lose your entire stack 15+% of the time. And with multiple callers, your chance of winning drops much faster.

Going all in just to see what happens is like donating your chips to the other players.