Respect for the Opinions of Others


Same to you @Litenin and everyone!!! Best wishes to all.


:vulcan_salute:Reeespect Humans


I have a lot of respect for all players here, but I really want to sit at the table with the topless (female) dancers. But how would I know they were topless?

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Reserve me a seat with the topless dancers please. I promise to be respectful at the table.


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nice posts and for once its not closed…i frankly do enjoy the posts of Warlock,Yiazmat, Maya and Miri post as there is so much logic and common sense in what they write and very often i see players trying to pounce on them for somthing they have written…the genre is not complicated but facts and true north…They write about ABC and you have somebody coming in thier post and complaining about XYZ which has nothing to do with what they have written…then the post goes south and these left field writers come in with total bs and there it goes-the post is closed.
What im seeing here is not the usual bashing …so glad to read a clean post…moreover they tolerate my physicotic behaviour on the table…ty Mg…lolllllllllllll
once again great posts…happy holidays…write safe…keep warm…and stay blessed…
Merry Xmas to you all…


thanks for the nice comments about my posts,
merry christmas to u and every1 else as well :christmas_tree::fireworks:


& there game


I respect the opinion of others, even the really goofy opinions of people who are obviously idiots. It’s just the way I roll, yo.


Merry Christmas SPG :slight_smile:
Missed your posts :blush:


I really hate when people say “that’s the way I roll” … because they do not even have wheels…


I hate it when people assume I don’t have wheels.

I happen to self-identify as an 18 wheeled being called a Giganto Snugglehaulopus

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Another reason to have respectful dialog - which can still be animated and include disagreement - is that when someone is disrespected a lot of other posters feel obligated to defend the poster who was attacked which then encourages more posts about that. So, instead of a poker discussion we get into more personal dialog. A lot of the chains would be more fun to read without half the posts relating specifically to who said what to whom :slight_smile: (Happy New Year all)


I do try and keep you calm because I don’t want u muted again. I love your humour and your gamesmanship so u do what u do and I will keep on spreading cool vibes to u!!
Happy New Year my friend


Dear MG…the truth is I always look to see if all my crooked friends are playing or not…its just a pleasure of having you all at the tables…I recollect on xmas I knew no one at the tables but wished everyone Merry X mas and not one person replied…then you realise you need your friends at the table…doesn’t matter we hack each other to death for each others chips lollllllllll …anyways Live every moment of 2019… and feel blessed to have the opportunity to see another day in paradise.Drift away from negativity and spend time with the loved ones…wish you all great health,happiness and most of all peace within yourself…Happy New Year !!!


And why should they anyway? No-one has the right not to be offended. Foul and abusive language should be the only boundary here, I think.


one gigantic eye-roll

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the only opinion that really matters is MINE . so grow up and stop yer whining


Well, i favor no boundaries…


Dude, imagine if they said that’s how they roll on their Segway, every day, hey hey hey. The humanity.