Replay Team Championship 2022 - FIND A TEAM

If you’re looking for other players to form your dream team and win big prizes, this is the place to do it! Feel free to post in this thread if you’re looking for a team and to get organized.

TIP: If another player has already posted looking for a team, try replying directly to them to join your team!

Learn all about the Replay Team Championship right here.


If anyone wants a pure bingo player on their team hit me up.


Am looking for a team. No clowns or muppets please.


hi there, i’m looking for a team, too. if the two of you whom posted before me are OK with it, we can team up :slight_smile:

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hey unskilld, same here :slight_smile: sent you a friend request so we can message directly about teaming up

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I can team up if you want!

Ooooooooo Ooooooooo did someone say BINGO? Thats me. Havent deveoped a tried and true method yet but still workin on it! I would like to compete on your team!

looks like we have 3. My email address is

A bingo team ? Oh boy ……


Hi, good luck all!

Looking for a team as B or C not as A. Do fairly well and strive to do better.

looking to get on a team as a B player

hey looking for a team :slight_smile:

I don’t play Bingo so if this group does count me out

We are looking for a third player. You could be our C. send me a replay message to confirm

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Looking for a team

Have u got third player yet

Estoy dispuesto a entrar a un equipo, por favor, me avisan y con gusto. gracias.
I am willing to enter a team, please let me know and gladly. Thank you.

I would like too know more about this … might be available to play

newmrchib or Eagles54 i am looking for a team to join. Please message me if you need anyone. Cheers.