2023 Replay Team Championship

Hi Everyone,

This is a short announcement to confirm Replay will be having our annual Replay Team Championship. This will be our 5th year. :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

2023 itinerary and format:

Beginning Saturday June 3rd and at 15:00 ET on each of the following Saturdays until July 16th

  • 4 rounds of qualifying tournaments
  • 1 Quarter Final round of the top 24 Teams in the qualifying series
  • 1 Semi Final round with 12 teams from the Quarter Final
  • A Grand Final round with 6 teams competing for the Team Championship top spot

This years prizes will be:

  • Winning Team members will all receive a Replay Hoodie
  • All other finalists will win a Replay T-shirt

Please Note:

We are still going to be unable to allow substitutions on Teams, but we will still employ the best 9 scores from 12 in the qualifying rounds, so that if any players miss games, their Team still has a chance to progress.

Full details will be published on the Dashboard Promotions page and in the Forum soon.


Outstanding :+1:t2:

Is registration open now?

Hi @jrockviggy , perfect timing.

Yes, registration has opened. Please see details in this thread

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