Replay tables on Opera without window title

2 month ago came an Opera update, and after this i missed the window title at the tables.

I hoped it comes back after the next update, but i saw now 3 new Opera updates and nothing changed.
Before we had this:

Friends wrote me on other browsers changed nothing. On Linux i have the same, but on a not updated Opera is all ok.

Sorry @Poki65 , but can’t help, if you are referring to browser updates. I use the Brave browser an it automatically updates

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Hi Poki,
I just installed opera and got the same… it looks like whatever opera changed in that update broke or blocks whatever code puts the table info into the title bar of the table pop up. I thought it might have something to do with privacy settings or pop up blocking but changing those settings results in the sane error. I think you should contact the Replay support team so they can test the website in the current version of the opera browser. Personally I use Vivaldi and Brave. They both work fine. I don’t know your setup or personal preferences, but perhaps you could use another browser for poker only. Good luck my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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That almost certainly has to be an issue with Opera. Possibly there’s something in the title text that breaks on the newer versions of Opera that Replay could address, but I’d raise this with Opera if you haven’t already.


Support wrote me because Replays last problem: “Our team does monitor the forum for issues and to help players”. Because this i posted this problem here. And i’m sure not only i have this.
I’m sure it is an Opera problem. I made me an app to read the window text, and it can read it, and i can set it too:


But it is only to see on taskbar, and not on the table window. The Opera team made last months many changes on the style of the windows, and i’m sure something went there wrong.
My setup: In moment i have 6x Windows and 19x Linux on my (one) computer, and many browsers too, all what i want. I use Opera only for poker and liked it many. Yesterday i made new installation of Win 10 and all apps.
Replay made a browser based app, and it would be good they look to such things and what goes there wrong.

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I looked now to Opera to report a bug and saw all is only English there. Not good for me, I reported nothing. Last days was Opera update again, but nothing changed on this problem. I looked to the Opera Forum and saw this:

What I understand: Opera hides the title bar of the window, and all is owner drawn on the client rect. And it looks like the Opera team decided now to stop showing the title caption. Not a bug, only a new style.
Not a big problem for me to see not what I play at the tables, and I see ways to fix this on my computer. But a new problem for the Replay team.