Chat window auto scroll fail on SOME tables

I’m using opera on 2 separate Android tablets. About 75% Omaha Hi-Lo Medium stakes ring games. Have noticed that some of the Omaha ring game tables will fail to auto-update the chat window which makes it hard to keep track of what the dealer is saying. This doesn’t happen on all ring game tables. I have noticed it happened in one tournament also that I can recall.
Refreshing, changing chat to Notes and back, source (dealer only, all chat, etc.), even reloading table sometimes will not change the chat window scroll status.

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I use Chrome and have exactly the same problem. I would be interested to know how many others experience this. I find it occurs on nearly all tables and mostly I play Holdem.

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I don’t see it as often as I see the “tournament position tracker” (you are 17 of 39/55) fail to update. F5 often works to reload it, though.

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I’m having the same issue with my chat window for a couple weeks now.
it keeps moving it’s self up to almost the middle of the chat, i have to most of the time keep scrolling it down. This might sound weird, but when i scroll it all the way up and then back down, and once it’s all the way down, i click at bottom where the little arrow is twice, and it seems to work better for just a while only.
Then it finds it’s self back up to almost the middle again.
Also i have to repeat the same thing if I scroll up to see what someone has said,
And F5 does not work for me.



I’ve also noticed this and wish it can be corrected. I constantly observe this box which helps me keep track whether I’m moving up or down and by how much. I’ve resolved it by checking the list of players page and then switching back to the game page and that seems to always update it.


I’ve noticed this problem and I usually play Holdem.

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I am trying to reproduce this and not getting the same.

From what I gather, the chat ‘sticks’?
Is it ring games only or tournaments too?

Is it still a problem people are seeing?

Mine is in all games but particularly tournaments. It seems to happen when the announcements regarding other games starting come into the chat box, also just after I have posted something there.
Yes, the chat sticks and does not release itself, you have to scroll manually.

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Mine are also in all games.

I’ve seen it fairly consistently on an iPad in ring games. The chat sticks where it is and doesn’t scroll. It starts off scrolling properly, but if I ever scroll up, it breaks. Sometimes I get it back to working correctly again, but not sure how. I have never seen this on the laptop (using Safari on both)