Replay Poker Updates - 2022

Hi all - hope you’ve had a great start to your new year!

We’ll be consolidating any major updates for the year in this thread. I’m excited to kick things off with a major bug fix!

We’ve corrected finishing positions in the tournament lobby. The finish position given to a player eliminated during late registration in MTTs has not always been correctly adjusted as players late register. This has led to situations where players who were knocked out right at the start of a tournament could be shown as finishing in a better position in the tournament lobby than those who were knocked out afterwards.

While tournament points were typically correctly calculated at the end of the tournament, previous logic was prone to inconsistencies. This correction makes sure the whole process is more intuitive and transparent for our players.

We’ve started a rollout of this fix and expect it to be complete by the beginning of next week.

Don’t forget – we have two new 500k tournaments available! Big Bank Theory (named by @wildpokerdude) runs at 2pm EST, while The War Chest (named by @feelmysins) begins at 11pm EST. Buy in for a shot at our guaranteed 10 million chip prize pools.


A couple of quick updates:

  • You can now hide avatars at the table. This is an option in your Settings menu, so please check the box in this screenshot:

  • A new feature that allows you to invite a friend to a ring table is currently live for our beta users, and will be rolled out to everyone soon. When you click on an empty seat at the table, your friend list will pop up, and inviting them will send a notification where they can immediately join your game.


Need a bit of privacy? You can now choose to appear offline so you can get some quick, quiet games in. You can find this in your Settings menu, and it’s the last option in the above screenshot. :slight_smile:


No more pesky tournament rebalancing before you see the result! We’ve just added a fix in which the table will wait for the hand showdown before players are moved.