How to join tournament?

Hello. I tried to join 2 different tournaments but when I do, I just get the lobby. How do I actually start playing poker? I have lost many chips from this and I really want to play a tournament but I can’t get past the lobby to the actual table. I can see everyone else’s and my chip count but I can’t actually play any poker. Please Help


MTT not start when you register.
In the lobby, you can read how much time left
////(Starts: Aug 16, 6:00pm (in 6 mins)////,
in the last min, a button you can see" open table" , klick on that.
Right upper corner.

There is a play now button top right of the lobby. Click on that and it will take you to your table. Other than that, when the game is starting you will get a notification bottom right of your screen. click on that.
Just keep your eyes open and don’t be late.

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Thank you guys! I had clicked that many times, but it turns out I had my pop-up blocker on! Oops! Thanks for your input!

Glad to hear it was a simple fix!

Feel free to let us know if you run into any other problems. We’re here to help. =)

thanks all