Replay partnering with

We’ve announced Replay’s partnership with in this thread!

If you have any additional questions, please share them here. Any questions that we’re able to answer at this time will be put into the FAQ of the announcement thread for visibility. Please note that it may take some time to get back to you so we can check with the team to get you accurate information.

In the meantime, don’t forget to redeem your promo code in honor of this partnership! Go to your Bank Page and enter promo code: REPLAY+CORG - this will automatically credit 10,000 free chips and 5 x 7.5K tournament tickets to your account!


Holy moly!

What resources and support do you offer to Replay Poker users who may have a gambling problem?



The Promo Code is not working or does not exist as of 6/24/24 12:00 PST.

Thank you,

It worked for me

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Worked for me also

Make sure you do not have any extra spaces when you put in the code. Happened to me last week, I cut and pasted and accidently included a leading space and it would not work… “does not exist” lol

I always just cut and paste and it still doesn’t exist. I’ll wait another day or so and try to remember to do it again.


Did you try typing it in manually? That might work. The code worked for me earlier today. I used cut and paste myself.

Will it be free to play all games as now or will it be that we have to pay to play the fun stuff,evrything is about money so it would not suprise me! And it worry me for them that have a gambling problome!

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First, I would like to say congratulations on your move to, as a business move this will be good for Replay.

As a player and private league organizer here on Replay I have some questions and concerns.

First and foremost, will the private league section remain intact?

The word partnership in business can have many meanings please elaborate.

It could mean they are a host site and Replay staff will have complete control over what the new replay site will be.


For instance, when a smaller company is absorbed into a larger company, there’s usually a six-month gestation period, things are like what they were, then those that have the deciding votes revamp the smaller entity to suit their needs.

Much like Costco, if you want your product sold there you must design it and package it the way Costco wants you to. That is the tradeoff for more money and possibly great success.

Are we going to see ads all over the screen? I left another site because of that one, I spent more time clicking pop up ads off my screen than playing poker.

Are you giving this new site our personal information?

Will the countries that ban real money gambling sites ever really be able to come back on board when the parent company represents and falls under that category?

How much pull will the replay staff have in decisions at changeover?

Will Replay staff have the final say over what the site looks like and does in perpetuity?

If possible, could you explain the five-year projection business plan.

I am not asking you to open or post your entire business plan, just please share what you can with us, so we may be prepared.


Did it both ways and code doesn’t exist. I remember when the Promo Code bonuses first started I and others had reported the same issues.


What exactly is the URL which we need to use and how do we login?

I used the link and there was a login page.

Do we just register or login and complete any requested info?

Thanks and btw, I’m old.

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The changeover to has not happened yet, the code they are talking about is for here on Replay in your bank there is a place at the top to put it.
REPLAY+CORG is the code

I may have misread your question Smooth99, but I will leave this up for others

Thanks for the thoughtful questions thus far! I’ve updated the announcement FAQ to address what questions I could so far.

I’m headed out for the day now, but I did want to clear up one thing on the way out: Replay Poker was not bought by – we are relocating. This will be beneficial for both of us in access to resources and acquiring new players.

The site will operate exactly like what you’re used to – nothing is being changed or removed other than what was mentioned in the FAQ (such as becoming an 18+ site). I may not add every specific question because the answer to “will this still be available” is yes across the board. :sunglasses: It will look the same, including not adding advertisements. We want to improve your experience, not make it worse! We will continue to generate revenue exclusively through chip purchases and our premium membership.

You’ll still see me and the rest of the Ops team on the forum, Kristine and Sue in support, Patrick with our volunteers, and all the same great folks behind the scenes. Of course, we are hoping that we’re able to get more user signups and add more staff to the team to do more for all of you. :smiley:


I have this very second typed the code in and was credited immediately (all lower case) thx


Thank you, great answers, my stress level has lowered considerably

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Will they have access to our contact info? Credit card info? Names and billing addresses?

I have a question what will happen to players’ accounts who are unable to log in daily to collect awards as some countries have still not accepted if we cannot log in what happens to collecting chips tickets that are on offer as a daily reward?
Finally, we know there are problems relating to connections with Replay from time to time ie freezing and unable to connect to tables I am presuming that all of the Replays gremlins have been sorted out what about gremlins are they going to affect our games as well? Are we going to have a few days prior to going live where we the players can play our games as normal (but using the new combined sites connections)so that we can pick up on any glitches etc giving both companies a chance to tackle any such problems prior to going live or are we, Replay, just going to see what happens on the day regardless of any players misfortunes due to site issues?

1 Thing I know about these types of amalgamations of two companies the larger of the two eventually freezes said smaller company or completely changes the smaller company’s looks smells sounds etc (you know what I mean) how do we know that the same thing is not going to happen here what reassurances do we players have that say in a years time Replay Poker is no longer the site we love and that everything about replay has changed or worse no longer exists?
What about charges ie the cost of chips or premium membership does that still stay exclusive to replay players or as suspected will the cost of this go up to evaluate profit margins? THE BIG QUESTION IS WHO MADE THE INITIAL APPROACH WITH THE OFFER OF JOINING FORCES DID Replay go to or did approach replay? YES IT DOES need ANSWERING to finish I know the only reason I took on premium to show support to a company that I felt deserved it “REPLAY” Now, however, you obviously do not need the support anymore!

Tried lower and upper case and doesn’t exist. Thanks, I’ll try tomorrow.