Links Between Poker Site and Forum

Links from to the forum should open in a new tab or new window. I know I like to browse the forum when waiting for a tourney to start, and suspect others would too.

And yeah, I can right click and open in new tab or window, but many won’t bother.

It’s hard to drive traffic to a site, I would do all I can to keep them there once they find me.

Also, the text link back from the forum to the poker site is easy to miss; it’s a text link in a line of text links, and many don’t bother to read them all. I would add a nice bold “Play Now, It’s Free!” type mini banner to the header.


Agreed! We’ll get it changed so the links to the forum open in a new tab - should be updated by early next week.

Also we’ll see about improving the visibility of the Back to ReplayPoker link - thanks for the suggestions.

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In case anyone hadn’t noticed, this is now live. Thanks again SunPowerGuru for the suggestion!

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The “Top Community Topics” link still doesn’t open in a new window though.


Awww. good catch! We’ll update it today :slightly_smiling: