Replay crashed

I was in Domino Stone tonight at 7:00 pm my time an the game crashed within 15 mins of playing,it was doing light crashes between then the total crash happened,it was bad enough where i had to unplug my modem for 5 mins! plz refund the 20,000 chips i spend on this tournament

Should be all set. Sorry for the trouble with the tournament!

Im also having same issues,this is getting ridiculous

Say Mr Replay Pro ! I was playing in the MTT Satellite game on 08-17-16; Table 864149 and then 204699 from 7:55PM Central to 8:15PM Central. The whole game was dropped ! ??? I lost around 5 K chips before I could get back in to the game; Still got to place within the rewards.
Could You check this out !
Thanks, Smallcoin here in Houston, Texas

Got your support message about this! I replied to you, but lemme know if you didn’t get it. :smile: