Continous crashing

Im getting really tired of replay crashing on me,i just lost two big hands in a row that i wouldve won.If this isnt fixed then soon then im just going to go play somewhere else.Ive been hearing about Rp crashing alot of people,isnt it time that it gets addressed ?? the game in question is BankrollBuilder rebuy 500

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Sharon probably get a god point here.
If you want a better game experiance, clean up your PC, stop programs what no need, (inc updates on the background)
Also make sure you get wired internet connection.
Here is a speed tester

“ping” is important to, and you can see if its time to upgrade your internet provider.

I do,of course,sympathise…but I confess that I don’t sympathise very much.I lost 150000 chips when something happened;who knows if it was the PC,the provider,the server,or the weather.I have asked RP for a refund…but it’s still a bit too early to know if they will do it or not.

Hi was playing tonight and the table froze, wait about 10 minutes to see if it returned, no luck, what happens now was on Table 1493211 at about 9:20 pm

Link would be more help, I guess it was a tour, big tours can sometime put too much stress on the servers too.

Me too, allways crashing when a player takes the time to play to the limit…happens all yhe time…What can I do?

-Whats your PC?
-Whats your OS?
-Are you updated your Adobe Flash player?
-What browser? ( Chrome the best right now)
-Are you use WIFI? Wired better.