Replay calls them "Messages," but they're emails . . . Kill the Subject Line!!!

“Messaging” should be fast and easy, like a text convo, not like email with In boxes and Sent boxes. That’s dumb!!

It should just be a text thread.

When I’m trying to ping someone, do I really need to add a subject line?! Are we in Victorian England? Last I checked this was a POKER site. I don’t see a lot of poker players composing emails at the table. NO, they’re just chatting. It should be easier to just chat with a friend, wherever they are, at a table, busted and just left that table or just scanning the lobby.

We shouldn’t have to go to another page to view messages. Should be a pop up or do messages like FB at the bottom of the non-tournament pages. You’ve made “messaging” slow and time consuming and REALLY not in real time and made it hard to locate friends once they bust and the lobby still lists them as active in the game.

Your messaging should be streamlined!


I agree would make having just a quick chat a lot easier.



Maybe the reason they do it this way is that then it’s harder to coordinate crap in a game BUT here’s something that would help and make this area less of a problem, having a link in tournament lobbies and tournament table pages that say “Invite friends.” And then have that land as a POP UP somewhere on your friends page (not so much emailing them that as the games usually fill up too fast for an email to work to invite a friend).

That’s why the “email” system RPP uses for communications while in the app just isn’t up to snuff. I think that’s really what they need an “Invite Friends to Game” in the tournament lobbies and in the tournament table screens.

That would solve much of what matters to people and that I’d want to see solved.

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I think this is a really great solution…the whole setup now is like an email. Dump that format and give us a text message :))



Bad idea.

“I got AA, fold”

“Let’s put Alfalfa in the middle”

“Wanna bluff this dude?”

That is the tip of the ice burg…



I agree with Sharon’s idea. Ken Scarpino—SCARP

what about if the quick message option wasn’t available to open when in a game… then when not in a game I can chat easier with friends … :busts_in_silhouette:… click on this in lobby for chatting. That would work.:sunglasses:

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Interesting feedback. Thanks @aligning. We will definitely discuss this possibility internally. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


Add all the card names, suits, hands and numbers to the profanity filter for the new chat system only (as opposed to the table chat) if you do implement it.

“pssst, I have ** and need * for the *****”


No problem with the system the way it is, getting instant messaging would just make it easier for players to get together and cheat at tournament or nontournament games.

Which is why I suggested that the quick chat only be available when logged on but not in a game. If people really want to cheat they will find a way to do it.


I dont think people are wanting this feature so they can co mingle with each other to win free chips on a free site, and even if a few of them did it shouldnt ruin it for the other 99.9999999% of us


Like Sharon suggested, Replay could create an individual PM chat system and just make it so you can’t PM anyone at your table (you already have the table chat window for some conversation). It could even be extended to bar chat to anyone in the same tourney!

Messaging to anyone else though, should be fair game, unless someone is being abusive.

The other alternative that I wrote about before was just having an “Invite Friend” button or link in lobbies and in the tournament window, making you able to do the one thing at Replay that really requires speed between people, inviting a friend to join you at a tourney. It would sending them an in-screen pop-up (like FB) or some other realtime indicator and letting you write a little, “I like this game. Hop in." Maybe there can be a competition bet you can place between two people wagering on who will do better than the other! The lowest number of the agreed chip wager could be an added side pool on the game!

It’s almost impossible to invite someone to a tourney now. The games are usually filling up or closing quickly. Some days it’s been hours before I noticed a message! And it was only someone asking, “You available? You want to play in 15 mins with me?”

If someone has someone else’s number already they can and may already be doing all the cheating you say, but I prefer to see a friend I know periodically at my tournament table, even if there are 80 other people playing at the same time. The lag on the messaging now is just ridiculous!

Monitors or algorithms could look for certain things and/or warn or bar people who cheat.

Either way, something needs to be done about improving the system, but of course limits have to be in place for people who would try to take advantage.


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With Google, Yahoo, AOL, and other chat clients, players that wish to collude, will do so in a manner that is off-site… having chat here, only makes it easier for STAFF to catch the cheaters due to the fact that the chat is in-house, and searchable/recoverable. They can’t however go and look @ chat from a Yahoo chat client.

A couple friends of mine play elsewhere, they don’t want the social aspect of a table, or the community @ large. Alot of players here, do seem to like the social aspect. Chat could offer more than just easy resolution of problems, it might offer the community a way to become more “brand loyal” and would attract/keep those who like to be social…

@aligning, is correct the msg system does not update like my Bankroll does, it might be hours before it displays a new msg # . A button ( right-click ) on a players’ pic, could be perfect for an invite to a table or a chat. You can use the Tourny lobby as a main chat for all players in the MTT, but that usually lags me out, so I don’t use it.

I’ve played quite a few teamers in real money online cash games. The $2/$4 tables in particular were full of them. Most of them couldn’t play their way out of a wet paper bag, and I honestly think their collusion hurt them more than it helped them.

This whole “collusion” thing is a big nothing burger. Most people would like a better chat feature, if only to avoid the painfully over-restrictive chat policy. If a very small percentage of people abuse it, so what?

The benefits outweigh the potential for abuse.

Having a knife at a dining table means it’s possible to fall off your chair and accidentally stab yourself in the heart. Does this mean we should outlaw steak knives and mandate dulled sporks made from 100% recycled vegan tofu? The world is a dangerous place, deal with it.

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many of the tables are getting boring. no one seems to know each other anymore nor want to. I would love a way to invite a friend to play my table in real time. But I will still have fun with new people too. Alignment has brought up a very good suggestion. It would feel more like a community like it was last year when I joined. Unless Replay wants censorship. That is a whole different story it itself.

Their should be no chat!!! I don’t want to hear your Approval!!! I don’t care what you think!! I don’t care what you say!!! I THINK ALL CHAT SHOULD BE GONE!!! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU AT ALL!!! I am here to play poker not chat

But I wanna chaaaaaat :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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No need to stomp your feet and scream, dear. You might get a heart attack. You know that you can mute the chat, don’t you?