Communication amongst friends

I would like to be able to send a message to a friend and then maybe send 6 other friends a CC. Currently we can’t do that. Is it possible?

Thanks for the suggestion Scratch! Sorry it took me a little while to respond.

It’s something we’ve discussed amongst the team before. Our idea is eventually to move away from the email style inbox, to more like the conversational style used on somewhere like Facebook. ie. you don’t send separate messages to friends, you update an ongoing conversation with them.

So, we’re just debating whether to freeze further updates to the existing system, such as the one you mentioned allowing for multiple recipients, or consider upgrading it now to support it anyway. Once you start sending to multiple players you do run into certain issues, for example, do you want the ability to reply to everyone, and if so, what happens if they’re not on your friends list (you’re currently prohibited from sending a message to anyone that’s not your friend. The easiest way around this would simply be to only ever reply to the sender of the message, but I’m sure we’re all used to the Reply All feature in our email clients, and no doubt there will be times when something like that is useful, for example organising a time for all your friends to meet to play in a tournament.

Just some things to consider, but ultimately, totally agreed we need better ways to communicate amongst a group of friends.