Recognition of fair "real poker" player

If the player 1 Not profan 2 Not cheated before 3 Not play tours as ghost 4 Not a bingo player

Should give some recognition, this way may they can find each-other and play fair real poker, more realistic games in peace.

May can work, may not. Share your thoughts.

Hey marcipan,

Interesting idea! Recognition is definitely a powerful thing and it would be nice to show some love to the folks who play it straight, so to speak. It would take some careful consideration as to how exactly we implement such a thing, but we’d love to hear any other feedback people have on this.

There are no other comments and i not want to take the risk the ReplayPoker thinks everyone likes it. As player and as moderator, i not like it.

What is a fair real poker player? For me a player who plays according the rules. That may and must. And even if i not like their play style, it still is a fair real poker player.

When you mark players as fair real pokerplayers, you mark the not marked players as not fair real pokerplayers. Based on what and on who’s judgement? ReplayPoker must judge that, even when players play according the rules?

What for some players is bingo play is for others reckless play or bluf, happens from the low stake tables to the highest tables. Who judge if it is bingo play? Players can send complaints to support about it? You must treat all players the same, so when you registered and forgot the tournament you have the chance to be marked as a not fair poker player. Or you sit out more often because you work at the same time. Of course there are exceptions, but better give players no reasons to sit out on purpose. And not cheated before? Real cheating is against all rules.

For every player it is personal, when players play according the rules it are fair poker players for the site, players can make notes about other players when they not like the play style, that is not working as it should yet, but in time that will be changed.

Just my thoughts:) Greetings Happiness.

Yes, you right, these variables have to be adressed and consider all the options and any possible problems. Numbers can used, example who play preflop 90% all in, Im sure its can be a “bingo” player. Just an example, please dont make a big deal of it.

Be careful with the concept of a ‘‘bingo player’’

I really don’t like the fact that going all in is referred to as playing bingo so much on RP.

It is a big part of NL Hold 'em and important - obviously when used properly…

I shove as much as I want and really just ignore those who complain about it…but it does not make me a bad player.