Really need more Sounds options

You only sometimes get notified that you are up. (I get that this is in window vs. out)

Most the sounds are just obnoxious noise.

All I really want are new hand and “you are up” or even better, “you are up next”, as the time is blissfully short.

I would play all day if I could fix the sounds.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the system, except the lobby always bouncing around.

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I’m with this guy. It’s 2021 (almost) and it’s still true. Also, I would like to customize what sounds I hear. The only purpose of sound is to bring me back into the game.

I just registered here today and was surprised to see there was no customization for sounds. Sound is really important.

when you receive your hand doesn’t sound, sound only when the time its gonna end, that’s illogical, should sound when your time to decide start, that way will let you make a good decision.

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A warning sound to the Player whom would be under the gun “before” the shuffle would be a help to my game- maybe others whom multi-table etc. also.