Notification sounds

Right now, as players put chips in the pot, there is a sound notification … that’s a good thing.
The thing I’d like to see changed is the addition of a DIFFERENT sound notification when the player raises rather than calls. Right now the sound is the same but it would be helpful if it were different.

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I like that idea John, makes perfect sense. I’m going to make a note now to add it in an upcoming update to the game client :thumbsup:

It was that way on ClubWPT back before the state of Florida made it unreachable and I found it quite helpful when one is multitasking … lol

I like it.

Just a follow-up question. I assume Raise and Bet you’d want to be the same? And do you have any suggestion how a Raise should sound different to a Call? More urgent, higher pitched, for example?

I forget what it was that was different … and it really doesn’t matter how it differs, as we’d all get used to whatever the designer selected.

Thanks John, and Raise and Bet were the same?


Sorry for the delay, I did reply earlier … it seems to have been eaten by the “no reply mailbox” gollum, but harley57’s response awakened me to that error.
Yes, Raise and Bet were the same.

Cool, we’ve got it down as a future update on our product roadmap, so we’ll let you know here when it’s live. Hopefully in the next month or two.