A raise should have a different sound then a call - timer too quick

hey everybody, wouldent you agree that a raise should have a different sound then a call?
sometimes i dont notice someone raised and call by accident.
also: the timer can use like 3-5 more seconds, i find the game pace to be preaty fast as it is, manny times i folded by accident, cause if your connection is lagging… wouldent just a few more secs will fix that problem.
do others agree with me? i would loveeee to know.
gl to all.


I like the idea of a different sound. Don’t forget before you sit at a table to check the game to see if it’s a fast table or not.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

oh i did not know that, i guess most tables being played are fast, but i cant see anywhere where it shows how fast a table is, thankyou for the info though, happy christmas

a little Ka-Boinggg should Help a Player sense “Danger”.

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There’s a lightening Bolt Symbol or “Not” on the Tournament list Page to show a Faster Pace Game.

I agree, still, 2 more seconds will make better if u ask me, but maybe its my connection…
lightening bolt, gotcha thanks!

My Computer & Connection were Rotten for Many Months. I learned something called Folding… WOW …Only risked a call with the few Quality hands I saw. Life became Fruitful and Easy. Naturally I play Fast & Sloppy now. GL

my problem is wanting to raise and missing the clock, its like street poker or something, i use to play on fullTilt it was diffrent and i wouldent have these cind of issues that i get here, just sayin…

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I agree with your 100% and I think all Hi/Lo split omaha games should have a 30 second timer. It would draw a lot more players. No way a new player can learn the game without losing all their chips early on.


All Replay games are very fast. It is just that a few are even faster. Often by the time I work the slider to the right spot it has timed out, so I rarely use it any more. Worse this is typically when I have very good hands and want to do more than call or a simple raise.


I totally agree.

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Agree totally. Several times I’ve had players make huge raises,while I knew I had the winning hand. So,I would try to go all-in or re-raise,only to click on the bet 4 or 5 times,have nothing happen,and get timed out with a fold.
And I have cable connection.


I would prefer if there was a subtle sound to indicate that your turn was starting rather than just when it’s down to 10s left. If I’m multitasking, half the clock or more is gone before I realize I’m holding everyone up. That way, my distracted decisions don’t need to be as rushed (and I might have time to notice that someone has raised)


I agree totally, I play at work when things are quite, lucky I’m the boss. just a few more seconds would be great as some times the connection is slow, and to have a different “raise” signal would be great at least I just wouldn’t have to rush my decision.


you play poker at your job, perhaps i should work for you lol :joy: