Raise bet limit time

It happened many times I was selecting a bet on a nice hand and got sit out of the game… maybe add 5 seconds more when someone clicks to choose a bet. Another suggestion would be to gave the possibility to type a bet in an inputbox.


Hi mutex

On the fast tables your have 10 seconds and on the regular tables 20 seconds time to make your action. The fast tables are recognizable by a sign in front of the table name / tournament name in the lobby.

Also there is a box to type your bet.

Click in the box above the raise button, type there the amount you want to bet (or raise), then click on the button raise.

Hope it helps.

Greetings Happiness.

For us old farts, 10 sec is a bit “brisk” … an additional 2-4 secs might be nice without ticking off the “kids” in the crowd. :wink:

OR, if not an extension of the time, perhaps a change in the sounds … something to wake us up earlier or tell us how close or something …

Or just a magic pill to make me young and quick again … lol

HappyJack, What’s lol?

lol = laughing out loud

Would be good to get some more comments from players, then if there’s sufficient interest in changing this, we could run a poll amongst all players.

LOL!! Thanks Paul but I was testing Old SmilinJack.

Please don’t add anymore time we have way to many people that wait the full time limit every card every hand and you can’t win anything just waiting

Just cause I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m happy … ;)~

Is that considered smiling or just showing your teeth or gums!

I suggested this when I was asked what one thing could replay improve on. Time limit is WAY TO FAST…I don’t want a slow game but geez, give us about 15 seconds…I have been on site that give 30 seconds which is way to long but that 10 sec in really silly.

sounds good

Players ask for it before, and you could chose 20 sec room. In the lobby, on the game room list, first you can see a lighning icon. If on, then 10 sec room. If off, then 20 sec room. I think this is what they email back to you when they get there. ATB

The SitNGo tourney’s are way to fast. Many hands get timed out while the player is making a decision. Can’t even count the winning hands I got timed out on.

to many people try to play to many games at once or just think waiting will make you think their trapping or they saw it on TV and don’t understand a face to face game over a net game. A lot of people change poker sites because of waiting so much, people like me that have a job to go to everyday we don’t get to sit here 24-7 and play add a table call wait more play less.