Still getting no sound to alert me that it's my turn

I have all the other sounds here and have no problems anywhere else.

Sorry Dick420, looks like your issue fell on deaf ears. So that’s odd, does anyone else have problems with this particular sound? Are you referring to the sound when you’re viewing the table, and it’s your turn, or when you click to a different window on your desktop and the game table is no longer in focus?

all of my game sound doesnt work

Hey Paul,

Thanks for getting back to me on this issue. If I am playing and my cursor is on the table I get no alert sound telling me it’s my turn. For most people probably not a big problem because they stare at the screen waiting for their turn. I don’t like to look at all if I’m not in the hand because of health issues. I do get the warning sound when I better bet or get folded. I get every other sound plain and clear. So I figured out just by luck that if I click to something else I get my alert sound. I usually just click on the bottom of my pc and the game stays on the main screen. It’s weird that I have to do that. The only real bummer is when the game has a fast play clock. I really have to stay alert, been folded out of good hands more than once.

I now have a question for you. In the last bust the staff tournament like all the others everybody keeps asking, has anybody seen any staff. So on the last one after I was knocked out I went looking and found 2 tables that had 2 staff members at the the same table. Then table change on one of those tables and 1 staff member went to another table with another staff member. I’m not complaining, just was wondering? I think I have played in at least 6 now and have only seen 1 at my table.

Have a great day, Dick420

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