Ranking tournaments

That was very open minded and polite of you Jazz. You’re right, it’s my mistake, I should have kept my notes and my “bs comments” to myself, because I must’ve been “dreaming”.
Please keep nagging about other players and their ranks, and never ever question the way you play, because it’s perfect, and everyone who knows you can vouch for that of course.
All the best to you and my apologies for even engaging in this conversation with you. I should’ve known better.
Peace out to you too.

well better players may have played it better im sure …after all there are for sure 3000 players ranked higher than me …maybe my QQ against them and they calling with 89 may have given them a str flush…its nice of you to comment on my call and nowhere did I see you comment on the opponents…that’s the point im making about your colourful memo…you seeing the glass half full…that’s why its meaningless to discuss…no apologies needed just a matter of disagreement of the topic which is fine and acceptable…im sure youre still the nice person…I don’t believe matter of opinion changes the humanbeing just the perception is different which is fine so be it…just keep it with you…peace out…

As @Chasetheriver has replied to the original query, I’m closing out this thread, but the discussion prompted a poll idea for us. Check it out over here.

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